Kiss of A Vampire- Book Review


I came across this free on Amazon. I had never read a paranormal mystery before so I thought I would give it a try. Plus I totally loved the cover. It is sensual and drew me right in. So I had to see what the pages held for me. I was completely drawn in to the world of fangs and magic. I expected it to be a little rough and rugged. It was all that and much more. I read it all in one settling. Which I guess is a wonderful away to just fall head first into an author’s world.

There is a very interesting cast of characters in this book. They have plenty of attitude and way of thinking to go around. There is Kristian and Tessa. There seems to be this inner conflict with either of them being happy. They seem to want to reach out but their pasts seem to hold them back. It is a ragging conflict between vampires and witches that been that has been going on for what seems like forever. But I can’t give you all the juicy bits you have to read it for yourself and see what comes next.


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