Feeling Overwhelmed.

I have been doing a lot of reading and reviewing and it takes some effect to write all of those. I have started to  try to organize them so I keep track of what I have to do. But when I did I realized that I have 31 authors that I either on their Review team, ARC team or Street teams. I made the joke of telling a friend it was like a full-time job only I get paid in free books. She did not think it was fun. I know that I have said this before that I have read more books in this month than I did in all of 2016. I think the unofficial count is something like 28. I have read a couple of box sets but they were reviewed together. So my goodreads I think says something 18 or something. I am trying to stop myself from signing with more authors but just seems I have a bad book habit that I can’t break.

I have just looked at my TBR list for January and February so far and there are 31 books on the list still. There were more but I have read and reviewed some of them. I am reading 1 to 3 books a day, but I just have not had the time the last two days. Now I am going away for a couple of days and I am going to try to get some of those books of my TBR so incase something comes up I will be on schedule. I know it sounds like I am ranting a little.

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