Lorenzo- Book Review



I have been reading a lot of mob, mafia and organized crime books as of late, but I am going to tell you have never read anything like this one. This shit was real. I kept thinking that it covered all of it is bases and that was something that I was very excited about. It was not just a quick romance. It gave me the impression that I was looking in to their lives and was going to get caught any moment and get whacked by Gino. I actually had to stop reading at one point cause I did not want the story to end. I was pulled in for the long haul and got all emotionally wrapped up in their lives. I read this as an ARC and I am more then happy to give an honest review.

This was about a sexy Mobster by the name of Lorenzo and the Doll that caught his eye by the name of Cheryl. Through in Jobs, family, misunderstanding, and new love and you have a whirlwind of a very real and demand to be read story. Even a little bit of an MC that you just want to sink in for more. Heart pound and hands sweating. One of the best reads of the year so far. I really want to give all the details, but that would ruin it for the rest of you. I am just grinning as I write this. That should tell you how much I really enjoy this.


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