Owned By A Hitman- Book Review


A little taste of this book was offered in the boxset that I did a review for and I wanted to finish reading it so I had to get it and give my take on this one was well. I have to stay that after reading the other I was excited to get to this one too. I am really growing to love the bad boy mafia type of guy. *Fans myself before continuing.* Well….

Katy gets her father’s club and all of his problems and Ivan comes in to help her with all of that in exchange for her to be his for a year. She struggles with to say yes or no to his offers, but she can’t deny how he makes her feel when he talks in that all to sexy Russian accent. That just seems to turn her insides to mush. Now I will leave you to read the rest and see just what the sweet and sassy Katy has to tell her Russian Mobster.

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