Man Chaser- Book Review



I was excited when I got this ARC. I could not wait to read it, but sadly when I got it I was not at home and I had it sent to my kindle and it was home. I was like tapping my foot just waiting to get home to it, because I know it was going to a fan yourself and almost die sexy kind of read. This was a book that had me biting my nails and wondering the whole way would she do it the whole time. My heart was beating so hard in my chest at times I thought it would come through my rib cage. I have read Alexis’ books before but damn girl I think you are trying to kill us. I so exhausted after finishing this because my nerves were so twisted from what was going on.

This is a book that centers around Ethan Kane who is the King of the Porn industry and his new advances in that field of sexiness. Then along comes Brittney Roman working her way in to his life and his heart, but why is she there and does she has another reason for getting this close to the King. Of course she does, but will I tell you why? No of course not. That would ruin all of Alexis’ sexy fun. Go get your own copy. You will not be disappointed.


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