Never Look Back- Book Review



I got this as an ARC and sighs deeply. I have been loving me my Mafia books as of late. I guess once you read one you just love to sneak back into the world of the dark side live. I was looking forward to reading this. SO I was ready to just jump right in and see what was going to happens next.

Leo has pulled himself up and wants to do things his way. So he gets his masters degree and owns his own business. He treats Sophia good.  They both have dark and intense past that just will not seem to leave them be. It all comes back to haunt them when Sophia is kidnapped and Leo decides that he is not just going to stand by and allow this to happen. This time he is going to fight for what he wants and believes in. Sophia did not know about his connections to Uncle Vito and the mob. It all becomes a little to real for them both. Want to know the ending you are going to have to read and find out.


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