Nobody’s Hero- Book Review


This is not my first trip in the mind of Bec McMaster. I have read a couple of her other works. I have read some of her London Steampunk books. This is kind of going the other side. More dystopian and I love the description and the pacing of this book. I was not surprised that I fell for the story and the characters.

Riley knows all the hidden dangers of the wasteland that she calls home. She has to force herself to live on after the death of her father. She is kidnapped by Lucius and wants her to be bait for an old enemy. Luc knows what it is like to lose everything. His family was taken from him when her was betrayed by a friend and now he is looking for revenge and he wants Riley to help him with that but this spunky blonde wants to tempt him in to be the hero and he has never wanted that before now.


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