Alicia vs Billionaire- Book Review



Well I just got this ARC not to long ago, but it did not take me long to finish it. I know it was only given to me today and I am done already. What can I say. Mona has us moaning for more and left was wanting just a little more. It was not only erotic and sensual but made me feel for the characters.

Alicia is a hardworking business woman doing her best to get out of life exactly what she wants. She is never late for work and she wants to keep it that way. But she is feeling that her life is lacking in the sex department. That leads to a little bump and grind on the subway. Before she rushes off to work. That is where she meets Derek that Billionaire who wants them to handle his money. That is only where the love begins. It is like Derek is the total Alpha male, but he meets him match in Alicia. She makes him feel and want things that he has not wanted before. Want to find out what else happens. I will never tell. You have to read for yourself.

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