Shared- Book Review


I was give this book as an ARC for giving an honest review. There was no chore in reading this book. It was hot and steamy and the forbidden aspect was there making very even more tempting. It is one of those books you just don’t want to have to put down. You will want to read it all in one setting.

Well where to start. How about with Maddox and Damon. Best friends since childhood that was not something grand that would want to talk about. They had to count on each other to survive. Since this how they had to live they shared everything. They work in the private security sector. That is how they meet Bianca. They are to protect her from a hitman since she is a Mafia princess. No one is to touch her. That is what drew them in since they have wanted her forever. There is even a little jealousy just under the surface. Want to know how it turns out you will just have to read and find out. You will love this book.


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