Ashley vs Boss-Book Review



I thought the first was hot steamy and got your panties all up in a twist. I was wrong this one was even better and I did not think that would be possible .I have a few idea of what is coming next and I am so ready for it. There is another thing about this book. I loved that it made me laugh. I received this as an ARC for an honest review.

Apollo Kane known as the Wolf of New York is running late after his limo got a flat and has to take a cab only for this little brunette to steal his cab right out from under him. Making his later for work. When he gets there to make his speech there in the group of gathered employees is the brunette that stole his cab. Ashley looks at her Boss and knows that she is so screwed after all she done and will do to this Alpha male that is her boss. Grab a copy you are going to love it… lie.


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