Love, Passion, and Power Part 1- Book Review


I received this book for giving an honest review. This is the first book that I have read by this author. I can say that author knows how to give us complex and deep emotional relationships for the characters that are involved. It is like being a part of their world and hearing all that is going on in their lives. It will make you laugh, cry and get a little angry.

Justin is a millionaire who owns an investment banking firm. He is always at the office for that is all he cares about. When he discovers that he has some health issues he is told he has to become healthier. That is how he meets Kendra who is a personal trainer. When she sees Justin come there her door all she can see is some spoiled rich guy who is used to getting all that he wants. Will her opinion stay that way? Will she move pass what is in her past to move forward in life or will the fears she has holds so tight to hold her back? You will have to find out by getting a copy of you own.

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