Devi’s Bliss- Aurora- Book Review


I got this got this as an ARC for an honest review. This is my first Mika Lane book. It was sensual and sexy. I was not sure if these were stand alones. I actually had to ask the author. They are part of a series and this is number 4, but they can be read as stand alones. Which was good for me.

Aurora Rose has come NYC where she is running from the worst kind of betrayal. A cheating boyfriend is bad but a cheating boyfriend with your best friend is unforgivable. Now she is in San Fran working at Devi’s Bliss as a sensual massage therapist. That is how she meets Hale. Who is a race car driver. Something starts to form between them but her insecurities are pushes them apart. Hale is doing his best to show her that he is now what she fears. Will her fears get the best of her or will she recover in time to be with Hale?


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