Never Enough- Book Review


I got an ARC of this book to read and review giving an honest opinion. This is my first Roxie Noir book. I love that it was a rock star romance. There is always so little twist to the story. I love how the author just pulls you right into that world and drops you.

Never Enough is about Gavin is trying to make up his bad boy rock star lifestyle to his record label. If he does not do as they ask his band Dirtshine will lose their record deal. But it was not enough for him to stop the drinking, drugging, and parting, but they are still making demands. They want to have a girlfriend to go with his new image. Marisol is a law student that is looking for a book and accidentally locks Gavin out of his own show. This is when she takes a deal from him to be his fake girlfriend. She needs to money to continue her studies and help her family. Will it stay a fake relationship or will they rock out each others hearts? You will have to read and find out.


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