Just Live- Book Review


I got this book as an ARC for an honest review. I have never read anything by this author. I got the book just a couple of hours ago. I got it on my kindle and I started to read. The book evoked a lot of emotions in me. I get angry and wanted to stop reading. I laughed and smiled for what was unfolding before me. I cried and had to physically wipe away tears. It was a great way to start my day.

Katey is in a bad relationship that has been going on for over two years. Filled with cheating, lies and pain. She will do anything to get out. When a friend suggests that she Just Live she jumps at the chance to be free. At a diner that is where she meets Jazz. He seems to just be drawn to her. So he too takes a chance. But all Katey will willing to give right now is a ride to the next location. Jazz is a bit of a talker and jazz musician. This is just the start of a whirlwind of what becomes of their lives. Will the music live on and will Katey learn to live? You will have to find out when you read. You will not be disappointed. You are going to love her hair. Just looks at the cover….wow.


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