Pretend To Be Mine- Book Review


I got this on Amazon using my KU subscription that I won. I have read all of the other book that Carter had written so I decided to get the only one I had not read. I love his style of writing and the character in this one were fun and not is all as it seems.  Ross is a CEO of his own company and that is his one addiction. WORK….He seems to always have to be busy. It seem he needs a distraction but Brooklyn his Personal Assistant can’t seem to figure what he need a distraction from. She has had the hots for his sexy boss since she first wanted into his off. Ross makes her an off to attend a party with him. He gets clothing and gets her hair and make up done. But in Alpha Male style he does not know what to say to her so he has a few missteps along the way. Throw in an EX that does not have a clue, a father with secrets and a trouble past. One is just asking for drama to follow.


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