Review for Dracula-Theatre Production

I have seven just about every form of Dracula. I was not sure what to expect from this cause I have not been to the Theatre at the College in Town in years. I was not disappointed. I loved the costumes. The entire cast is in Goth Clothing. I think a few of the people watching the play were a bit drunk. They served wine both red and white. Beer in a bottle. There was soda and water. But they giggle and laugh for no reason at all. There was even someone who did not turn their cell off even after we were told to and it rang just as Act 2 was getting underway.

The gothic music and flickering candles were amazing. But I have to say the think I loved the most was the woman who was playing Renfield. She was so dramatic and full of live that it brought the play to live. One moment calms and the next screaming like mad. But demanded all of my attention cause I did not know what would come next.  Making the 10 dollar fee worth it just for that. I was surprised that Mina has purple hair and short black skirt and leather shoes. The part that made me kind of laugh is that Van Helsing was in a kilt. He seemed a little bored.  Lucy was average and played the part to key it going. Doctor Seward was in yellow plaid pants. Harker was in red and black and seems to be the character and not just acting. IT was good.

But most of Dracula was bored and checked out for most of the play. He even rolled his eyes when the cast bowed at the end. I know it was the second to last production, but to me it seemed like his heart was on in it. I think it was an injustice to Bram Stoker and the Elements that makes Dracula who and what he is. I was disappointed in him and it hurt my vampire loving soul to watch him disgrace an Book Icon this way.

I would go to more productions if there is something I think is worth seeing but I am wondering. Maybe I should go on opening night to get all the willingly to be there and not the second to the last one. Over all I give the production 3 out of 5 stars.