Few Answers. A Lot More Questions!!!


That has been a lot going on since her discovery of the Dream Library. It seems to hold every piece of information on all for the Dream Realities and Realms. Dream gets the impression that they are infinite. For each time she think she understands one she get sit flipped all around. Showing her that she still has a lot to learn about being a Dreamwalker and a Dreamweaver. In all of the reading she has been doing she had been slapped with a bit of reality of her own.

It did not take her long to know that she can read the books, parchments, scrolls and carvings any where but the Dream Library. It makes a lot of sense since only those with dream abilities would be able to reach them. That would keep them out of wrong hands. That does give her a bit of security. She is trying to balance all of this new information and going to school at the same time. It was not easy before all of this but not it is a whole new storm to deal with on top of trying to have a social life. Not that she has much of once of those anyway.

She is keeping notes in her journal but in a special shorthand one she has the means of decoding. Just so she can keep her eyes out for anything that might match in this reality. She is starting to feel that all of then are real in their own rights. What she has been writing down as soon as she wakes up is anything she can find on the Councils. There are not two of them but three. They are the Light Council, the Dark Council, and the Grand Council. It seems everyone one has to answer to someone in the end. It is said that everything has to balance out now and again. There is almost a being known as a Dream Seeker. According to what Dream can tell is they were the ones to keep the balance between Dreamscapes and Nightmarescapes. They are one that go to clean out the mix of dreams and nightmares that get caught up in the webbing of the dreamcatchers.

All of this has her thinkingĀ a lot of things over. She has been wondering of she will meet anyone else along the way. So far she has only met Luka and it was a very brief encounter. She wants to know what the magick is going on. She is not sure what will happen if she happens to enter the wrong door and it the wrong person’s mind. She knows that she can’t doubt herself She has to be confident for all the Dreamers in the worlds that she must help.