When Dreams and Reality Collide


Dream is running late for a study group and she is not looking where she is going and runs literally into someone. This sends her backpack as well as her to the ground. She looks at the person she has run into. He has unique hair for sure. It is black, blue and purple and that hangs to the center of her back and when he turns those purple cat eyes to her. It makes Dream gasp a little before she can help herself. He does not seem to pleased to see her.

<Tegan> You need to be more careful. I think you might be a danger to the rest of the world.

It is takes another moment or two for her to pull herself back together, but she has a feeling she and this person are never going to get along. He seems to form opinions at lightning speed. Dream gets herself back to her feet and she gathers up her stuff and nods to him.

<Dream> I will keep that in mind for the next time I get so busy and forget an appointment. Have a good day now.

She nods to him and hurries on her way and she is almost to the library when this guy with red spiked hair runs by her. Causing her to stop and watch him. She is beginning to think this is one those days she would have just stayed at home and studied cause this world is too crazy. She has to remember it is college and all of that is just crazy and strange. Maybe not as strange and weird as hers, but this is taking a close second. After the guy gets the Frisbee he comes back towards her and throws it back to the other guy before coming right up to her.

<Reign> I am sorry that I almost took you out. I am just getting in to the game and kind of have tunnel vision.

<Dream> Call it karma. I literally already ran into someone back there. I am later for a study group. If I have the time I would talk more, but if I don’t hurry Samantha will have my head.

She waves and hurries on her way and she get there and Samantha glares at her for being late once again. Dream just takes her place at the place and they get down to studying for the upcoming test.

*                *                  *

About two or three hours later Dream exits the library with her classmates. She waves to them as they are all going off to do other things. The only thing on Dream’s mind is food. She need to get some fuel before she can carry on with the rest of her day. She is just about to her truck when she sees the tri-colored haired guy again. He is actually leaning against her truck and this has her worried. She slowly makes her way over to the truck and opens the driver’s side door and puts her backpack behind her seat.

<Tegan> YOU? Why did it have to be you.  You are Dream Blake? You and I need to talk right now.

<Dream> I am Dream. I don’t have the time to talk to you right now. I have to get something to eat and I still have two papers, reading and an online quiz I have to take. Maybe later in the week if that is possible.

<Tegan> Sorrena, told me tell you hello. She did not say you were this much of a pain in the ass.

Dream looks over at him and she is a little pissed that she has to deal with these jerks in her dreams not they have to come into her reality too. That is not something that she wants to deal with.

<Dream> Sorrena? The Elf warrior? I don’t much care for her and I am going to tell you the same thing I have told Her and Luka. I am not interested nor will I ever be interested in joining either side. I have been on my own with this since I was a child. Why are you all showing up now? I have asked this over and over now. No one seems to have an answer to that question.

Tegan looks at her like she has lost her mind and moves closer to her and this only makes Dream back up and she comes against someone who is very solid. She looks up and over her shoulder and sees that the guy who was playing Frisbee is behind her.

<Dream> It is okay. I am just leaving. I have a lot of other stuff to do…

She notices that the guy behind her is not looking at her but at the man in front of her and she gets the impression that they know each other. There is this tension that is clogging up the air.

<Tegan> What are you doing here, Reign? You have no business being here. I am going to take care of all this.

<Reign>  Tegan, I see you are still that sunny laid back guy we all know and love. I am getting the impression that you are making her uncomfortable and being far to pushy. I am sure someone has told you that you have to back off a bit.

<Dream> Hold it….both of you Dreamwalkers? I don’t need this today or any other day. My Dreams and Reality are not supposed to collide. The more separate the better. Now if you both will excuse me. I need food and get back to my homework.

She moves to get out from between them and puts her hand up to keep them from talking to her anymore and she is feeling this is going to keep happening and that is the last thing she needs.

<Dream> Before I go know this. You can each tell whoever you answer to that I am not interested and I want to be left alone. They don’t want to make an enemy of me.

She looks at them both to see if they have got the message and then gets in to her truck. She drives off and gets a few blocks way to this little café. She parks and puts her head on the wheel.

<Dream> Goddess, you are so cruel. Those two were sexy as hell. But now they are off the table because of who they carry on with. Oh well…..

Dream just has to sigh and see what or who is going to try to take over on her life in this realm or another. She gets out to go eat and will worry about the rest at a later time.




Return of Luka


The days have been smoother since Dream got some sleep, but she has been feeling like something is pulling at that back of her mind. Calling to her in the dead of the night. The Realm of Dreams and Nightmares has not been so scary since she no longer walks that world alone. Moonbow and Starlight are always with her. Even when she is helping dreamers. It is making everything flow.

That is not so true for those that run on the Nightmare side of things. Luka has gotten into trouble for meeting up with Dream. He is at the Castle of Nightmares. This is where the Nightmare Council holds court. They have told Luka that if he does not get her to join them the he will suffer more than just Dream Law. This could mean that he could be sent to the Nothingness.

Luka is trying to reach Dream so that he can save his own ass from his own leaders. There has never been a rogue Dreamwalker.  They always belong to one side or the other. Normally they appear at the Castle of the side they belong too. But it seems that Dream did not belong to either. There is something different about her and he is going to find out what she really is.  That will be his own personal mission.

<Luka> “Abyss, we have to find a way to pull her to this location. We need to see what she sees. Only then we can find if she truly belongs in this world. Not all who have Dream Abilities are destined to be dreamwalkers.”

The raven on his shoulder looks at him and takes off into the velvety ebon skies with no sparkle to be glimpsed. This makes Luka grin as he walks toward the Common Ground of the Realms. He will have a better chance of him summoning her there or finding her is she is already in the Realm of Dreams and Nightmares.

He calls out to the Icelus better known as the God of Nightmares. To give him the power to see if Dream is anywhere in this realm so that he can talk to her. He needs to convince that she must join the side of Nightmares. It would be the best for her now. A rogue Dreamwalker is not good for either side. He just has to figure out what he need to tell her to make her choose to come with him and not join the other side.

A window into the Realm of Dreams and Nightmares opens and he sees that she is indeed in this realm. He knows where to find her and to make this very clear to her. She has to see that he is right about this but has to appear to be here choice. That is the way it works. He closes his eyes and goes to her location through his door. He appears behind her and his raven is on his shoulder.

<Luka> “Good to see you again, Dreamy. It has been awhile and you don’t make it easy to find you when you are running around this realm. I have been trying to find you and you seem to be ignoring me or not hearing me.”

<Dream> Luka, I am busy and you are not on my list of things right now. I am doing my best to not punch you and any other person who has picked or was assigned a side. I really don’t play with others. Being backed into a corner makes me want to fight. I am a fighter and I real go at what I do. The more I learn the better I become.

<Luka> “I have no doubt of that, but there are rules here like all worlds. There are not allowed to be Rogue Dreamwalkers. So you have to pick a side. Dream or Nightmare. They are not going to let this go one for much longer.”

Dream looks at him and walks off. She does not want to get angry or pissed off. She walks over to the wood’s edge. She looks into the darkness and she does not see anything. She is trying to clear her head.

<Luka> You have to make a choice. That is just the way it is. I am being nice about it. You do know that we learn from both dreams and nightmares. Dreamwalkers doesn’t dream. We travel to different realms when our bodies are at rest.

<Dream>” Luka, they never cared about me before and if I was not causing waves or what not they would not be trying any of this now. Both side can keep sending people to find me and make me pick but I am not going to do. I have been doing just fine since this started. I don’t need someone giving me orders. I am fine doing this on my own. I learn better that way. ”

Luka is not sure what her problem is and why she will not just pick a side. He turns to look at her and tell her off for making this so hard for him only to find that she is not there anymore. This makes him scream.

Starlight and Moonbow



Dream has been so worried about all that has come her way. She has been fighting to stay awake. She does not want to run in to any of this from the Realm of Dreams and Nightmares. She has not slept in days and it is starting to take it toll on her. She is fighting to stay wake even in her classes. Those around her are starting to take notice and some are becoming worried that there might be more going on with her since normally she is a well put together girl. Or at least she appears to be.

Dream is sitting in an over-stuffed chair in her apartment trying to study, but after several days without sleep her focus is not what it should be. She puts the fine arts book down and walks around and gets a drink of water. Just to try to get her mind to refocus and become more awake.

<Dream>”Dream, you have to focus. You have a lot to do in the next couple of days. You can’t do it you are falling apart. You need to quit running from those assholes and live your life. You were doing well before they started appearing. Plus you have Dreamers you need to help.”

This is when she decides to get ready for bed. She is only hurting herself that means they are winning and she is not going to allow them to win. She puts her books on the tea-table. She goes to her room and changes for bed. She puts a little lime oil on her pillow cause the smell makes her relax. Once she is ready she climbs into bed with all the lights out. She is so much more tired than she thought and all but passes out.

When she comes to into the Realms of Dreams and Nightmares. She is a beautiful bedroom in a large four-post bed. The room gives the impression it is in a castle. She looks to the left and next to the bed is a large winged wolf. Dream is a little shocked. She then looks to the right and there is five-tailed kitsune. These beautiful beings that are near her make her feel really calm and happy.

<Dream>”Greetings. I am Dream. You both are very beautiful. I am sure you are about here for a reason. So lets talk.”

She opens her mind to them and she can feel them and the power they have just rolling off their fur. The first of the two to make their voice known is the winged wolf. He tells her his name is Moonbow.

<Moonbow> I am here as your Dream Companion. So that you never walk in these realms alone. I am here to be your guide and show you all the things you did not know about this place.

Dream smiles and she moves over to the edge of the bed to touch and become more familiar with him. She puts her head to his and closes her eyes. She shares this moment with him. Being that close to him makes her relax and that is something that she needs right now. She leans back and kisses him on the nose. Then turns and crawls over to the other side of the bed and looks at the kitsune.

<Starlight> I am Starlight. I am here as your Dream Guardian. My duty is to make sure you are protected in these realms. This place  we are at is your personal Dream Castle. But I must tell you that not all the doors have been unlocked.

This makes Dream giggle a little as she puts her head to the kitsune’s. She is bonding with her new friends. She feels safer and stronger just having them close to her. That is something that she needs to make. She is feeling recharged and that is something that she was not sure would be happening anytime soon, but just goes to show she does not know all about this place or herself. She gets them up on the big bed with and she does not care to explore this place yet. She just want to be here with her new furry friend.

The heat from them makes her drift back to sleep. She gets the rest that she need and wakes up hours later in her bed feeling amazing. That makes her smile and knows that she is not alone and have them to turn to if she is having doubts again.



Dreamwalkers Cross Paths




There is a door before her as she starts to stand up. She is not sure but she can tell this is not a normal Scape. This door tells her she is a place she has not been before and there is something here that she needs to know. She knows there is something or maybe someone here that she can talk to and gets some much-needed answers. It also tells her that she is not alone in this and that is something that she needs right now. There is this overwhelming feeling that her mind has changed on this being a gift and a talent.

The door opens and an intense green light. Out of that light comes a girl with a sword. She seems to carry a lot of confidence. Her hair is golden with hints of aqua in it. She is a warrior, but a dreamwalker as well. She looks right at Dream and smiles

“I am guessing you have never come across another dreamwalker. I am Sorrena Rainn. I am an apprentice dreamwalker. I am come from the realm of the Unseelie Fae. I guess you have been looking a lot of place that she you should not be. That is why I have been sent here by the Council of Light to tell you to stop this quest that you are on.”


Dream looks at her like she is from another place. Which she is, but the looks is cause this is the first time the Council has taken any interest in her and she is not going to let someone who has never care to explain any of this to her give her orders.

“I am Dream Artemis Blake. I am a dreamwalker and dreamweaver. I am from the Realm of Earth. I have not idea what you are talking about. I know nothing of the Council of Light. I have pledged nothing to them. I did not even know there were Triad of Councils until after I met Luka and he…..”

“You met Luka. Yes, you have to stay away from him. He calls the Council of Light…the Dream Council. The Council of Dark….Nightmare Council….Wait did you say Triad of Council. How did you know about the Grand Council?”

“I asked the Goddess of Dreams to help me find answers to all my questions. When I went to sleep I woke in a new Scape and there I found a library. It is called the Dream Library. I learned a lot from it. I know there are sections I don’t have access to yet. ”

Sorrena is looking at her like she has completely lost her mind or said something that is completely impossible. Dream looks back at her with a shrug like all of it is natural for her to do anything in the Realms of Dreams.

“It has to be lies. No one has had access to the Dream Library in over thousand years. What makes you so special. I am sure you have to be mistaken. ”

Dream does not want to deal with this and forces herself to wake up in her room.  She just lays there in the dark. She has to find out more about the Councils. She needs to know if there are rules to this game now.