Rory VS Rockstar- Book Review


I got this as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. I love the Mona Cox books. They seems to leave you wanting more and more. This is done with two authors. Have to give a shoot out to Jess Bentley. Hey Girl. This was masterfully done. Rory is struggling in both her professional life and her personal life. Two people who are important to her are getting married soon and she puts off that she is not jealous. But it sucks to be single. She meets Arsen when he runs his car in to her house. He passes out on her couch after the accident. He is hot and sexy but they are both denying the music that is between them. But he keeps building and building each time they meet up. So does Rory get her rockstar or is this just another rock ballad gone wrong?






Shipwrecked and Horny- Book Review


I got this as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. The more I read in this series the more I come to love it.  Ellie and Anthony are on a cruise, but the only way they could go was if Ellie quit smoking. Ellie goes to a dance class but stops on the desk to have the last cig. Only for a drunk guy to bump into her and it fall over the railing. He offers to get her another one. They keep meeting up. Todd is a navy seal in training. There is a female in his training group and she wants Todd. Ellie has to keep telling him that she is there with her boyfriend. Will that stop what is happening between them? And what about the female seal as well?






Just Live- Book Review


I got this book as an ARC for an honest review. I have never read anything by this author. I got the book just a couple of hours ago. I got it on my kindle and I started to read. The book evoked a lot of emotions in me. I get angry and wanted to stop reading. I laughed and smiled for what was unfolding before me. I cried and had to physically wipe away tears. It was a great way to start my day.

Katey is in a bad relationship that has been going on for over two years. Filled with cheating, lies and pain. She will do anything to get out. When a friend suggests that she Just Live she jumps at the chance to be free. At a diner that is where she meets Jazz. He seems to just be drawn to her. So he too takes a chance. But all Katey will willing to give right now is a ride to the next location. Jazz is a bit of a talker and jazz musician. This is just the start of a whirlwind of what becomes of their lives. Will the music live on and will Katey learn to live? You will have to find out when you read. You will not be disappointed. You are going to love her hair. Just looks at the cover….wow.

Man Chaser- Book Review



I was excited when I got this ARC. I could not wait to read it, but sadly when I got it I was not at home and I had it sent to my kindle and it was home. I was like tapping my foot just waiting to get home to it, because I know it was going to a fan yourself and almost die sexy kind of read. This was a book that had me biting my nails and wondering the whole way would she do it the whole time. My heart was beating so hard in my chest at times I thought it would come through my rib cage. I have read Alexis’ books before but damn girl I think you are trying to kill us. I so exhausted after finishing this because my nerves were so twisted from what was going on.

This is a book that centers around Ethan Kane who is the King of the Porn industry and his new advances in that field of sexiness. Then along comes Brittney Roman working her way in to his life and his heart, but why is she there and does she has another reason for getting this close to the King. Of course she does, but will I tell you why? No of course not. That would ruin all of Alexis’ sexy fun. Go get your own copy. You will not be disappointed.

Three Grizzlies Gruff- Book Review


This is the third book in the Bear-y Spicy Fairy Tale series. It takes place in Port Jameson, Oregon. Daisy Craston comes from Texas to take over her grandfather’s farm with Marionberries and Honey. She is not thrill with the three Williams making their way there her farm. She threatens them bears with the sheriff since she does not want them on her land. That is when she gets to meet Bill Shepherd, Wylie Jackson, and Liam Donovan. They want access to her land to be able to attend Clan events and she makes them play a toll to do this. They are to help her with the harvest of the marionberries on the weekends from dawn until dusk. Who could have amazed that something sweet like berries and honey could bring people together.

Well that is exactly kind of how it happens. You are going to have to read it yourself to get the full set of sexy and sensual details. I know that I have read three of her books now and they are fun, warm and breathtaking to read. I enjoyed the book and the others that were in this series. I had never read anything like this series and it makes me look forward to more bear adventures in the future. I would like my own sexy teddy bear.

Writers’ Fuel


When it comes to me needing a little pick me up when I am writing I have a few things that are my go to. I know that each writer have there own. They bring us comfort and help us relax and let go of some of the stress that comes with creative process that we must under go to make sure that our craft is the best that we can put forward. Some of these items that I am going to talk about make me think of days gone by and the emotions that they bring memories to the surface.

I think I will start with the drinks that I like to have when I am writing. My main got to drink is my Pepsi. I need my caffeine. The only time I really like it cold is if I am making a black cow out of it. If it is the warmer months then I would like a nice glass of ice tea or homemade lemonade or even limeade. Sitting on the porch taking in the mountains as I scribble way. I don’t just write out right. I have to doodle or draw. It helps me remember the images in my brain better. So I think that is why some of these tastes or smells hold just joy for me. If it is the colder months than I like hot tea or hot cocoa. I have gotten really in to drinking Chai. That mix of spices and smells just make my mind float way to dreams. When I made hot cocoa I add a little caramel sauce. It is the kind that some put on ice cream. Then add a little sea salt. It is perfect since it has a mix of dark and milk chocolate. I am wishing even now even with over 70 degree weather. I know they make an iced hot cocoa now. But it is just not the same as the warm melty sip of paradise.

Moving on from the drinks to my go to munchies. The number one has got to be licorice. Not black of course. But it comes in so many flavors now. Strawberry have to be my favorite. I also love the pull-n-peels. I like to tie them in knots when I am trying to think or work something out in my head when writing. Gives me something to do with my hands. Another thing I love is popcorn. We get it from the movie theatre all the time. That is the popcorn I love the most. Then this white cheddar popcorn too. Mmmm…. yummy. If want something that I don’t have to keep grabbing from I like hard candy. The favorite is either cinnamon or butterscotch. Makes me want to get back to my little writing notebook and get back to be creative.

I hope this gave you a little insight to me. Tell me what you like to munch on when you are getting your creative flow on. Us, writers, have to stick together.



Jumping in Puddles

Well we all need moments that reminds us that not all life has to boring or serious. I was sitting on the porch there are still a lot of puddles from the recent rains. Even as an adult I like to remember the good old times. My nephew were out there with my cousin Sam. I got this idea to have a little fun. I went out and started to jump up and down and splash in the puddles. I could remember all the times that I did so in that dirt and gravel driveway. So….

After a bit of time I got my little nephew down there jumping up and down and splashing around with me. I could here the others that were her for his little party yelling that we should not be doing this, but he and I were having so much fun. We did this for about twenty minutes or so. Then it was time for dinner so I had to dry him off and get him back in his sandals. It was a wonderful time. It made me think of the child that still lives in my heart. It still makes me smile and feel so good today.