Girls VS Love- Book Review


I got this book set as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. I have read all four of these books in their original forms. I seen the changes and fell in love with the stories all over again. It was good to re-read them again. I love it when authors release box sets. I am glad I got  a chance to read them again.






Filthy Beautiful Lies- Book Review


I was asked to read this and I did, I did not know that it was the first book in a series. I have never not read anything else by this author. As I understand there are a couple more books in this series. The basic idea is that Sophia is auctioning off her virginity to the highest bidder to help her sister. Colton is the highest bidder at a million dollars. It was not all I thought it would be but is was an okay book. What to find out what happens between them grab a copy and read. There is a cliffhanger. Just a warning.

Sweeter Pleasures- Book Review


I got this as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. I found this novel to be a bit emotional from me. I could be because I am getting married and that would be the worse betrayed. Her new husband cheats on her on their honeymoon in Hawaii. That was two years ago and now she has her bakery. That was her dream. Only now she has had one of her baker quit on her and she needs to fill that spot. Enter Kyle who has new baking skills and is looking for work. He enters her bakery and there is something hot in there and it is not the ovens. He fills out the Application and gets an interview. Everything is on the rise. Want to find out more? Grab a copy for yourself and get all the delicious details. Yummy!!!





Shameless Kiss- Book Review


I got this as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. I have read a few other books by this author. Juliet is trying to go to law school and working as a waitress at the White Rose. She needs to make money to pay her father’s doctor bills. That is how she meets Weston. He asks her out and it takes him awhile to wear her down. She said no many times before agreeing to go with him.  They do have a connection but a misunderstanding by Wes forces them apart. Can they over come this misunderstanding? You will have to read and find out.






Forsaken- Book Review


I got this as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. I was so excited when I saw that they two authors. I was not at all disappointed. I love that dark emotional side. IT was also a Mafia book which I do enjoy. Grace had not has the best of life. Her father has never accepted her since she is not a son that he could mold into a killer and mobster like himself. She is beaten and her own father has planned to have her kidnapped. Gio is the son of a rival family. He is a hardened killer and does not even blink when he is asked to do his job. They tempt him with Grace and he could hardly say no. So will Grace and Gio get the freedom they both crave? You will have to read and find out.






Wolf Betrayed- Book Review


I got this book as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. I have read all the books so far in this series. I have always love shifters and this was a great short read.  Maya is doing everything she can to take care of her sick father. She is running his business and not enjoying the freedom that most 21 year olds do. She knows the rules about the woods and the full moon. She just thinks none will be this close to town. That is when she comes face to face with a white wolf that can shift in to a man. Chance knew the scent of his mate. He has been betrayed and scared by his pack. Will the pack come between him and his mate?






Outback Billionaire- Book Review


I got this as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. This is my first book by Nikki Steele. I love the style the book was written in and the flow. Marlo is only in Australia because her fiancé has her in a show there. She has dreams of being a Hollywood actress and she is in the middle of nowhere. When he ups and leaves her the only thing on her mind is to get a ticket and go back to the States.  She meets Jack and he offers her a job. They are both a little broken. Her with her broken heart and him with the eye patch and the past. Will what has broken break their future or will they overcome the odds? You will have to read it for yourself.