Lapis Lightning


This my fur baby Lapis Lightning. He has been a part of my life for four years. I know this picture does not show it, but he the most amazing blue eyes that is why I named him after a blue gemstone. He is a very cuddly kitty. I love him so much. Just wanted to share him with you all. He is even sitting next to on the couch as I type this. He is purring that sound right now is giving me a lot of comfort. He is there just when I need him and that makes me feel great.

That was a time that I thought I lost him. He disappeared for three days. It was cold out and it made me think something terrible had happened to him. By that third day I was panicked and there he was on the porch when I go home like nothing had happened at all. I grabbed him and held on for an hour and would not let go of him. He did not like that but I was so worried about him. He has does this a couple more time after this. It was making me crazy.

I guess that just shows how much I love him and how much he is  a patt of my life.  He is a little ball of warm fluffy companion.