Leashed- Book Review


I got this as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. I have read a couple of other books by this author. I have loved all that I have read so far and can’t wait to continue to read more work. I have to say that I like Grace is in this book. She acted the way I thought someone with strong opinions and attitude would. But I did not like Kaine at first. It took a little while for him to grow on me. Grace auctions herself off at a club. She needs the money for something personal. She is purchased by Kaine for a week at the sum of 100k. He has a thing about her not touching him. We they break through each other’s shell and make it work out?







Return of Luka


The days have been smoother since Dream got some sleep, but she has been feeling like something is pulling at that back of her mind. Calling to her in the dead of the night. The Realm of Dreams and Nightmares has not been so scary since she no longer walks that world alone. Moonbow and Starlight are always with her. Even when she is helping dreamers. It is making everything flow.

That is not so true for those that run on the Nightmare side of things. Luka has gotten into trouble for meeting up with Dream. He is at the Castle of Nightmares. This is where the Nightmare Council holds court. They have told Luka that if he does not get her to join them the he will suffer more than just Dream Law. This could mean that he could be sent to the Nothingness.

Luka is trying to reach Dream so that he can save his own ass from his own leaders. There has never been a rogue Dreamwalker.  They always belong to one side or the other. Normally they appear at the Castle of the side they belong too. But it seems that Dream did not belong to either. There is something different about her and he is going to find out what she really is.  That will be his own personal mission.

<Luka> “Abyss, we have to find a way to pull her to this location. We need to see what she sees. Only then we can find if she truly belongs in this world. Not all who have Dream Abilities are destined to be dreamwalkers.”

The raven on his shoulder looks at him and takes off into the velvety ebon skies with no sparkle to be glimpsed. This makes Luka grin as he walks toward the Common Ground of the Realms. He will have a better chance of him summoning her there or finding her is she is already in the Realm of Dreams and Nightmares.

He calls out to the Icelus better known as the God of Nightmares. To give him the power to see if Dream is anywhere in this realm so that he can talk to her. He needs to convince that she must join the side of Nightmares. It would be the best for her now. A rogue Dreamwalker is not good for either side. He just has to figure out what he need to tell her to make her choose to come with him and not join the other side.

A window into the Realm of Dreams and Nightmares opens and he sees that she is indeed in this realm. He knows where to find her and to make this very clear to her. She has to see that he is right about this but has to appear to be here choice. That is the way it works. He closes his eyes and goes to her location through his door. He appears behind her and his raven is on his shoulder.

<Luka> “Good to see you again, Dreamy. It has been awhile and you don’t make it easy to find you when you are running around this realm. I have been trying to find you and you seem to be ignoring me or not hearing me.”

<Dream> Luka, I am busy and you are not on my list of things right now. I am doing my best to not punch you and any other person who has picked or was assigned a side. I really don’t play with others. Being backed into a corner makes me want to fight. I am a fighter and I real go at what I do. The more I learn the better I become.

<Luka> “I have no doubt of that, but there are rules here like all worlds. There are not allowed to be Rogue Dreamwalkers. So you have to pick a side. Dream or Nightmare. They are not going to let this go one for much longer.”

Dream looks at him and walks off. She does not want to get angry or pissed off. She walks over to the wood’s edge. She looks into the darkness and she does not see anything. She is trying to clear her head.

<Luka> You have to make a choice. That is just the way it is. I am being nice about it. You do know that we learn from both dreams and nightmares. Dreamwalkers doesn’t dream. We travel to different realms when our bodies are at rest.

<Dream>” Luka, they never cared about me before and if I was not causing waves or what not they would not be trying any of this now. Both side can keep sending people to find me and make me pick but I am not going to do. I have been doing just fine since this started. I don’t need someone giving me orders. I am fine doing this on my own. I learn better that way. ”

Luka is not sure what her problem is and why she will not just pick a side. He turns to look at her and tell her off for making this so hard for him only to find that she is not there anymore. This makes him scream.