Goodreads Reading Challenge

I did not do a lot of reading last year I have mentioned this a couple of times already in a couple of posts before this one. If you have not read those posts. I only read 14 books last year. I wanted to do a lot better than that. So I set a Goodreads goal of 100 books. Thinking that would give me something to shoot for. As of the time I am writing this post I have 103 books according to the Goodreads count. I know this is a little off. Goodreads counts box sets of books as one book. So the total is actually higher than that. I have not actually counted how much that is off. I just wanted you all to know that I have done it. Juts have to see come December what that number will be.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Keep reaching for the stars……


ArcKnight-Book Review


I am by no means new to Alexia’s work and I found this on Amazon for free. Decided that I love her other work that I had to give this series a try as well. The includes the first to book in the series of the ArchKnight Chronicles. There is a lot going on in these pages and something that you should not pass on. Just a little taste and you will be hooked.

Lilly is forced from her home and family for mistakes that are not even hers to shoulder, but what can one do when there are rival packs, love, betrayal and secrets all on the line. Survive to fight another day. She finds her a part of her she always knew was missing and she finds that in Epherm. I want more and that is a fact.

Sequence- Book Review


I was given this book as an ARC. I have to say the cover drew me in. It made the call of another world hard to resist. I was not sure what to expect from this book but I know that it called to a place in that I did not even know was there. I have been a lover of fantasy and adventure since I can remember. This was just want I needed to fill the void that was in me for this genre.

This is about a girl named Alessia and her journey to discover that she is special in ways even she does not know yet. She is being pulls in all directions by family and doctors that think that she has gone bananas. That is not truly the case at all and it takes an ocean and a whole new world to open her eyes to what is truly going on with her. There is also the budding romance with Dante. This gives a lot for our heroine to thing about.

HeartBlaze 1-Book Review


There were a lot of things that drew me to read this book. I was give this book as an ARC to read. The thoughts of vampires, werewolves, fae and pastlives all rolled in to one had me on the end of my seat as I followed Emma on her journey to the passed. There were times I was a little confused on what was actually going but that did not take way from the mystery and mystical journey that was going on in the pages off Heartblaze 1. It was worth the read.

Larson- Book Review


Is there anything more sexy than an outlaw with a motorcycle. There might be but at the moment I can’t think of anything. It made me just want to jump right and live that adventure all my own. That alone makes it a good read. I was give them book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This is all centered around a Billionaire Biker who is part of an outlaw MC and a beautiful Sassy NYC report and one little boy named Caleb. Can Larson and Brynn make this all work out for them? They are will to give it a try to see where it takes them. It is all steamy and sexy and a thrill ride that is one that has to be taken.

Lorenzo- Book Review



I have been reading a lot of mob, mafia and organized crime books as of late, but I am going to tell you have never read anything like this one. This shit was real. I kept thinking that it covered all of it is bases and that was something that I was very excited about. It was not just a quick romance. It gave me the impression that I was looking in to their lives and was going to get caught any moment and get whacked by Gino. I actually had to stop reading at one point cause I did not want the story to end. I was pulled in for the long haul and got all emotionally wrapped up in their lives. I read this as an ARC and I am more then happy to give an honest review.

This was about a sexy Mobster by the name of Lorenzo and the Doll that caught his eye by the name of Cheryl. Through in Jobs, family, misunderstanding, and new love and you have a whirlwind of a very real and demand to be read story. Even a little bit of an MC that you just want to sink in for more. Heart pound and hands sweating. One of the best reads of the year so far. I really want to give all the details, but that would ruin it for the rest of you. I am just grinning as I write this. That should tell you how much I really enjoy this.

Kidnapped By A Barbarian- Book Review


I have never read anything about this author, but I volunteered to read this as anĀ ARC and give a review for it. I am not really in to Sci-fi, but this did have very interesting way of thinking. The love story that kind of happen reluctantly was a different approach that I have not really been getting enough of. I think that is what drew me to this book.

It is kind of based that Earth has been made unlivable and human race is all but gone. So when humans are found they are treated like gods. They are said to be the foundation for all races in the galaxy. This makes them very valuable in some circles. Plus the line about fake human did make me wonder a few times. But there is a love story under all that and it is amazing. I was not prepared for all that I read. Which to me is a good thing.