Minions- Movie Review

This is another movie I went to see with my sister and my cousin Breeona. I love the popcorn when I go to the movies. I can almost smell it now. I love the little minions. This movie was all about them. From their beginning all the way along an adventure to find their bosses. It was kind of funny.

But I think I like the Despicable Me Movies were better, but I think that is because I like the three girls. I think that was what was missing this prequel. I know it was supposed to be taking place before the two original movies. I am not all sure about the villain Scarlet Overkill. She was a bit much to take. I did like the family of they got a ride from to get to Orlando. They were going to Villain Con.

I would not go see it again, but I know I will buy it when it comes out to add to my DVD collection.


Gallows -Movie Review

I went to see this movie with a friend and my sister.  From what I saw from the trailers and commercials it was going to be a good movie. That is not how it turned out at all.  I love the Horror Genre, but some movies I am not sure fit into any genre. This movie like several others in the past few years it all cameras and phones. It is getting old. But I am getting ahead of myself. I pretty much had the plot figured out before I got half way through it. It did not keep my attention.

I think I got more of a scare out of the Goosebumps Episode: The Phantom. It was about a haunted play as well. I am not sure every town has a haunting story like it was in this movie. I have seen it and to me it lacked a lot of plot. I don’t really have much to say about it. It kind of bored me to death.

I guess it is my Horror movie purity that makes me a little judgmental of movies like this. I think that Hollywood needs to get a new writing staff. There has not been anything original really coming out of it, but sequels or prequels. It makes going to the movies not so fun anymore. That is just my point of view.

After the Ball- Movie Review

After the Ball (2015) Canada

I came across this movie by accident and was a little bored and decided to watch it.  I was not sure what it would be like, but it turned out to be funny and crazy. There is a lot of drama. It gave me the feeling of Cinderella meets Twelfth Night. It is a movie about a young fashion designer named Kate Kassell. Her father own a fashion business. She wants to work in Couture, but no one will hired her because of her name. They tell her father’s company makes knock off of famous designs. So she decides to take her father up on his offer to work of him. Once to be mistreated by her evil step mother and step sisters.

So she have to find a way to get in her father’s good graces. But the step family goes out the way to do everything they can to make her look bad in front of her father and finally it just too much for her to take. Something I did like about the movie is that her aunt owns a vintage clothing store called After the Ball. It is the kind of place that to me just screams cool. I like that kind of thing. There are a lot of secrets, corruption, and romance is this movie. I can’t give away the ending. I think it would be something anyone could watch who loves fashion and romance. Even if some of the clothing is a little strange or funny looking.

If you watch it comment and tell me what you thought of it. Until next we meet.