Lemony Goodness

pBBW1-23163516v850I love lotions with citrusy scents. I was in Bath and Body Works and they were having a sale. I was there for a day with the girls. My girls are my twin sister Joy and my cousin Sam. We were there so Sam could replace a bottle of lotion that she was out of. I came across this lotion in the picture. It was crisp and clean. I could not help but buy two.

I know how often that I will go back and the scents I love are no longer there. They do retire different scents.    They have done that with my Juniper Breeze and Midnight Pomegranate. I can find them it just takes a little searching the net. I was wearing this yesterday and my mother told me I smelled like Meyer Lemons. She said I smelled like a dessert and that made me laugh. I told her what is was and she asked me if I know that Limoncello is an alcohol. I told her that I did know that and it is used to make a lot of summer cocktails.

It reminds me of the crisp and refreshing scent of fresh lemonade. Mmm…just the thought of that makes me wish for a glass. I can almost hear the ice hitting against the glass. I think I am going to make myself a glass of lemonade. That sounds very delicious right now.