Long Weekend. Part One

Long weekend away with my sister and cousin Sam. We went away for Sam’s birthday. Just a little girl time. Shopping, exploring and just having fun. We walked around down town Bozeman and went looking for a few of the shops from earlier trips, but some of them are no longer there. One of them was called The Root. It was this little funky place with incense and buttons. It has this vibe of fun and relaxation, but walking into it now all I feel was like I was being watching and it had clothing and jewelry. It was not the same place it was a few summers ago. But I get to go to a couple of chocolate places and pick out some fun stuff. I had a lot of fun.

Going to the Museum of the Rockies. They have a Chocolate Exhibit. The whole place smelled like chocolate like it came  I even got some French chocolates. From one of the shops we went too. There was even one shop that has gems and crystals and they had the singing bowls in the back. They played them for us. I love the sound they make. It makes feels like it reaches somewhere deep inside. I purchased a crystal called Aqua Obsidian. It was so lovely and when I touched it was like one of though Oh Wow moments. I got a few grab bag of crystals. They were just lovely.

The only part of the trip that was hard was all that time in the car and it was a lot of silence if were not singing along to the radio or CDs. We did laugh a little bit and tease. Talking just did not see like something we wanted to do on a five-hour road trip. We are planning to do it again. There is more to this trip but just wanted to put what is fresh in my head down.