Tea or Coffee?

Cup-Of-TeaI get asked all the time if I want coffee or tea. It is hard in this day in age to find someone who does not drink coffee. But it is true. I hate coffee. I had to go through coffee therapy for my migraine. It left a terrible taste in my mouth over the years. My twin sister is a coffee drinker and loves her Starbucks. When I am with her I order tea. I think it is called Passion Tango.

I am a tea drinker all the way. IT just seems to speak to me. There are so many varieties out there. They come from places all over the world. I like it hot, cold or even iced.  I think the best time for me to drink it is when I am writing. It allows the creative energy to just flow out of me. I know that might sound straight for something tea can do. It is part of the reason I love tea.