Midnight Game.

I have been reading Urban Legends again. I love stories that scare me a little or creep me out. So I like to look around for new ones all the time. That way I can get the thrill of reading the old classics. I am not sure anything replace those. I know there a lot of new ones that are taking the internet by storm. There is even a lot of stuff in the news nowadays about peoples using them as an excuse for them doing crimes. I think that is taking the stories a little far. I have come to know that not everyone’s reality is the same. I know this all to well. I have seen my share of things that go bump in the night. I am sure that is for another post. *Shrugs* I will leave it up to you to make the decision what you believe is true or not. I was always told to never say never cause there is always a chance it could be true. What I believe is true is a lot different then the neighbors, the people down the road or in the next county. It is all based on ones experience with is on this side of the veil and the other.

 I came across this one tonight. It is a little freaky. It tells of a game that requires several items and one of them is a wooden door. It has to be done at Midnight. It is said that the candle that has to been lit will go out if Midnight Man gets close to you and you have 10 seconds to relight the candle if not the Midnight Man will scratch you. It is said that you can do this alone or with a group but each person must have their own list of items. It will not end until 3:33am. There are several things you are not to do after the ritual has started. Such as turn on the lights, use a flashlight, go to sleep and scream. IT is said that the Midnight Man would never really leave those that play the game. The game come with a warning not to do it. You do so at your risk.

I have not include all the items and how it is to be done cause I will not take the responsibility for those who are will to try it. If you look it up and chose of your own free will to take part in this you take your life and sanity into you own hands. Whether it is true or not. Once again I leave the call in your hands. So if you read this please do me a favor leave me your favor UL so that I can learn what others read and have heard. Watch yourself in the dark and stay safe until we cross paths again.