Sadness in the Day of Horror Genre.

I was just talking to a friend and he told about the Death of the Horror Master Wes Craven. I am a lover of the horror genre. I even wrote a few papers in college about it. Had a few teachers give me weird looks. He will be missed, but glad to hear his suffering is over. Brain Cancer is what I heard was his affliction. He had such a brilliant mind. I have to admit they gave me the creeps when I was younger. Even had a family member dress up as Freddy and knock on the door. I was told to answer it. I slammed his arm in the door several times. It was not something that ended well for a prank but that it a running theme in some of his greatest works.

I am guess I am still in a bit of shock about this. Maybe one day I will have something in that genre, but for now I can only enjoy the work of other Masters of Horror.