Original Witch- Book Review


I got this as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. Krista has been having dreams about a guy. She just assumed that it was her imagination. Now that she is going off to college she meets him in her Lit class. She tries to get him to back off but he will not take the hint. Dean is there at college to play football. Now the girl he has been dreaming about is here at school. They have a lot of secrets. Will they over come them to for some connections? You will have to read to find out.


Lost- Book Review


I got this a while back and decided to read it. I have really got into anything that is fairytale related. I have always wondered what happened after the supposed HEA. Now this is one of those stories that picks up after she got with the prince.  I was amazing on how well this flowed and how the story just kind of carried me way. I know it does not followed the old story, but it was still a good read. A whole new adventure. I can’t wait to read the other two.






A Human’s Retribution- Book Review

51qekQVdYwLThis is the third and find all book in the Nightshade series. This follows the trauma of what Olivia has gone through with Eva. Plus the coming trial for her. Quinn has thrown himself into work and not spending as much time with Olivia. Olivia is going through some depression and there is the baby of course. What lots going on in this book. Over all the series was good read. I love me vampires and witches.


A Witch’s Vendetta- Book Review


This is the second book in the Nightshade series. Quinn and Olivia are together and doing their best to move on with their relationship now that Victor is gone. Eva a witch who has always hated vampires and wants a war has vow vengeance against the vampires. Find Quinn’s weakness and kidnaps Olivia to sacrifice her to the Goddess for eternal life. Can’t tell you any more. Want to find out what happens going to have to read it yourself.

Lost Wolf- Book Review


I got this book from the author for an hones review. This is my first book by Stacy Claflin. I went in thinking it was just going to be another werewolf love story. Boy was I ever wrong.  This book had me wondering which way up and which was down. Victoria does not have any memories from before she got to campus. But she find some instant connect with Toby. Toby is an Alpha wolf and the math professor. He knows who Victoria is but the last time he saw her she was dying in his arms. Can they figure out what is going on and bring back her memories or will she be ripped from his arms again?

Wisteria Witches Box Set- Book Review


I was given this for me to give an honest review. I have not read anything by Angela Pepper. I love the wit Zara has and her going for her dreams. These books have three feisty redheads in them. There is Zara Riddle who moves to Wisteria to get her dream job as a librarian. One to come with her new magical powers. Her daughter Zoey who is much like her mother. There is the Aunt who is called Zinnia. The town is fill with all kind of beings such as shifters, ghosts and much, much more. There is also Chet the hunky shifter that is developing feelings for Zara. It is just a sweet series with a bit of mystery thrown in.

Fuse- Book Review



I got this book as an ARC for an honest review. I love Alexia Purdy’s work. I loved all that was included in this book of 12 stories. But some of my favorites were the Variance Court. The thought of a magical ring in the hands of a college student. Oh nothing can go wrong with that *Winks*. Another one that I enjoyed was the Withering Palace. I love the Fae especially the dark court of the Unseelie. I think this is well worth the read. There is a little someone here for everyone. Take a moment to enjoy these tales of fantasy.