Feeling a bit frustrated.

I know it has been a long time since I post anything that is not a book review. That will be almost stopping soon. I have been doing reviews since around December of 2016 and It is not July . I am getting married in a few days so I have been very busy. I have not been able to do them anymore. So I guess once I get the books down that I have been given that I will go back to doing something else with my blog. It was not always about books. I just to post about spooky things, my writing, and poetry. I guess I could always go back to that. I guess I will decide all of that when I am not feeling a little angry. I know I should not make judgment when I feel this. I did purge of my Facebook account. I got rid of a lot of people I don’t talk to much and left a lot of groups I am not really active anymore. Going back to hiding in my small cave I call my Universe. I am not abandoning my blog I will still be here somewhere and post will happen. I just need a little time to think. If I get over being angry I will do the remaining reviews and call it good.


Not Sure How It Happened????

I am not sure when my blog became all about books. I just know that I did not read all that much in 2016 and wanted to read more in 2017 and have been doing better. I started by joining Street Teams, ARC Teams and Review Teams. This way I would be able to read books and give my opinions. IT would force me to stick to a schedule. I have read a lot of authors that I have not before. Some I did not even hear of until recently. I am sure I will find other things to post on here. I have a blog binder I am working on. I think I have a couple of other things that I have written posts for. I will try to get some of that stuff up on here as soon as I can organize more of my thoughts.

Don’t get me wrong I love books and giving my opinion on them. It is just that is not all I want my blog to be known for. I want to give my opinions on all kind of things that are part of my life. So I am going to do more of that in the near future. Maybe I will even get around to posting some more of my work on here. I would love some comments if you would like to tell me something you would like me to post about. I am open to suggestions. Well that is all for this post.




Keep looking to the stars……

Happy New Year

Well we are little more than 12 hours in to the new years. I am sitting here at the computer knowing that I want to add something other than book reviews to my blog. I know that I have been doing that a lot as of late. But I like to give my opinion now that I have started to read more. I did not do a lot of reading in 2016. I would love to change that. There are a lot of goals that I have set for myself in the coming year. They are personal, reading and some writing. The writing goals are not only for the novels I wish to write, but also my poetry. I have not written a poem in a while. I need to fix that. That used to be how I got my emotions out and was not locked into all of those feelings.

Another thing I would like to try to do this year is to share some of me work. I know I have shared some of my poetry on here and I have tried to share a story, but life happens that pulled me away from my blog. I am going to try to see that does not happen all that much this year. I have stack of books on my best that I would love to read. IT is part of my TBR list of books. There is 19¬† books in that pile. I want to read all of them before 2017 is over. I should not be buying more books if I can’t read the ones I already own.

Well happy new years from my family to yours. I hope your 2017 show and has a lot of promise and surprises. I am looking forward to different and exciting. A new beginning for us all.


Keep looking to the Stars…..

Lack of Inspiration.

I have been trying to write and I have two WIPs right now and I just can’t seem to get out of chapter one on either one of them. I just need to try to find that spark that will push me forward. I have been looking and just not finding that little nugget that makes everything become clear and the whole story just kind of explodes in my mind with several littler ideas as well. I am trying but the holidays sometimes just seem to take away all of my energy. I am doing my best to get back in the flow of things, but I need something to help me relax.

I am going to the movies tonight with my sister. Maybe that will pull me out of my writing slump. I am hoping anything at this point will help me. I have binders full of notes for both WIPs. So it is not the lack of effort or information not even worldbuilding is holding me back. I am not sure what is got me blocked. Once I find that I will destroy that and move on. I will keep you updated on how they are both going one I make my break from the block.


Keep looking to the Stars……

New Writing Projects

I have been trying to do some writing and I am kind of torn between a couple of idea and I am not sure that to focus my energy on. I was going to try a Cyberpunk idea, but that did not come together. So I am not sure what to do next. I have a Vampire idea and a Steampunk Idea that I am working on. The vampire one is a training school for different position among the vampire elite. The steampunk is an academy as well. I am going to have to see what my mind pulls out of my mind.

I have been trying to get something to write since I did NaNoWriMo. I can’t seem to pull anything together into a good or okay outline. Maybe I need to change my writing location for awhile. I am going out of town for a few days. That why I can do some new ideas. That is all that I can do. I am going to try to work this all out. I will keep you updated on what I have decided to do. Thanks for taking the time to listen to me ramble.


I am trying to write in a genre that I am not at all comfortable with. I still have a lot of work to do before I can even start to actually write the book. I am using the month of December as my planning month. You are probably wondering what genre I am talking about. Well that would be Sci-fi. But I am writing in a subgenre known as cyberpunk. I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone of paranormal and supernatural. I am having a hard time not putting any of that into this book.

I am learning a lot of things, but my brain is not sure it can handle all the info that I am trying my best to take in. I did manage to get some character work in today. I have the MC and some of the secondary character planned out some. I know I will have to flesh them out a bit more. I am not sure if I am writing YA or NA for this book yet. I am leaning toward YA, but some of the themes and plot points are yelling for me to go NA. I will have to work that before I actually start to write it. It is coming together in pieces but nothing is all that clear.

I do have some of that world in my head and I have yet to make my city map. I know that is going to take some work. It is not a simple world to work in. I am beginning to understand that and it is making me think I have taken on a novel that is even to complex for me. Any comments, suggestions or tips would be great help.

Until stay creative and have fun with your day.

Missing Posting.

I know that I have only started to post on here again. I just realized that I really miss posting on here. SO I am going try to post other things other then my Book Reviews. Which I am taking a challenge to get back reading more books. I have not been reading like have in the past few years. That is why I think I have not been as creative is that I told all that out of my world. I am beginning to the error of doing this. It has caused my own writing to suffer and I have just posted a review and it was amazing and it has me feeling so much better than I have in a very long time. SO I am going to keep it up and see if it will help me in my next project.

I am reading Steampunk but my next writing project is Cyberpunk. So that I a little off it he same type of genre. I am have never written anything in the Cyberpunk genre. This will be the first attempt at it. I will let you know how it is going along the way. I am only in the note stage right now. I am taking the whole month of December to do the planning before I try to start writing in January. It is actually on my desk right now as I am typing this. It is reminding me that I have characters to create. That is what I am supposed to be working on today to keep myself on schedule. I think I better get to it.

So keep dreaming, reading and sharing your creativity with the universe. Until I cross the veil once more.