Taming James- Book Review


I got this book as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. I have read the two that came before this one. I love Shayne Ford’s style of writing. Keeps bringing me back for more.  This is the conclusion of James and Rain’s story. It took a lot for them to get to this point. All the secrets, betrayal and heartache for finally bust some barriers between them. Was it all worth it? Was it enough for them to get their HEA? I will not tell. You will have to read this wonderful series and find out for yourself.






Bearly Breathing- Book Review


I got this as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. This is my first book by this author. I enjoyed it so there should be more I will want to read in the future. Breanna whole life has been planned out for her by her parents who want her to marry for money. That will help with the family money problems. Only that is not what she wants. She runs away and that is how she meets Rafe. He is the CEO of a multi-millionaire and when he sees Breanna he knows that she is his mate. He gives her all she needs. What to know all the details and her family’s reaction. Grab a copy and read this sweet story.






Girls VS Love- Book Review


I got this book set as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. I have read all four of these books in their original forms. I seen the changes and fell in love with the stories all over again. It was good to re-read them again. I love it when authors release box sets. I am glad I got  a chance to read them again.






Borough Boys- Book Review


I got this as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. It is werewolves and them finding their destined mates. They are MM romances and I am have read some that are greatly done like these three tales. Each with their own fears and emotions that can either bring them together or rip them apart. I enjoyed this box set very much.






Beasting Beauty- Book Review


I got this as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. I have read a few other books by this author and I love her work. This is first book in an hew series. I got this as kind of twisted version of a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Isla is a princess who has two sisters and their parents are throwing a Suitor’s Balls. They want to find Princes for their daughters. The Beast only goes to the Ball because he has too. He did not think anything would come of it until he sees Isla. That one look and he knows that she has to be his. Will Isla be able to tame the beast? Want to know all the detail grab a copy and read about the Beast and Isla.






Shattered Perfection- Book Review


I was asked to read this by the author. This is the first book that I have read by this author. This book was very emotional. From one extreme to the other. Both loving and cruel. I just could not understand all the changes they went through. Mimi found the one and that was Vance. It was a whirlwind romance and things just change. Then it all just goes to hell and Mimi is forced to move on without Vance. Only to learn a dark secret about Vance. It is part of a series so there is a cliffhanger. So want to find out what happens to Mimi and Vance grab a copy and join the ride.






Filthy Beautiful Lies- Book Review


I was asked to read this and I did, I did not know that it was the first book in a series. I have never not read anything else by this author. As I understand there are a couple more books in this series. The basic idea is that Sophia is auctioning off her virginity to the highest bidder to help her sister. Colton is the highest bidder at a million dollars. It was not all I thought it would be but is was an okay book. What to find out what happens between them grab a copy and read. There is a cliffhanger. Just a warning.