Heart of Darkness- Book Review


I got this as an ARC for my honest opinion and review.  I don’t normally read sci-fi but something about the cover and story drew me to break my own rule. Indigo is only half human and the other half is android. She does what she is told without mercy. That is until she meets her next target. Ryker is like Indigo and a problem that the Institute wants to be shut down. He knows that she is there to kill him but he falls for her almost instantly. He wants to open her eyes to the Institute’s lies. Will the machine part of her win out or will the human side? You will have to read and get that little tidbit of information.

Apollo’s 11- Book Review


I got this as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. I have read a few of Anna Collins and this fit along with her other novels. Apollo had to meet the woman whose review was like she knew him and looked right into his soul. That tells him he has to meet her and find out more. Once he saw her there was no other thought but to have her. But he has to be careful he has a secret and would not risk anyone finding out. Will his secret come out or will it remain hidden? You will just have to read and find out.

Seductive Billionaire- Book Review


I got this book as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. This is my second book by this author and they are a little short in my opinion. IT comes off a little rushed. The basis behind this story is that the Sasha is looking for something to get over her inexperience in the dating world. That is how she comes across Damien on the website. A very quick. It did leaving wanting more to the story but overall not a bad read.


Bossy Billionaire- Book Review


I got this book as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. I have to start out by saying this book was a little to short of my liking. I think it would best to reach its potential with a re-edit and making it a bit longer. Alexa works as a secretary for the VP of Insurance company, but there is a new VP coming in. Gary has it all and he takes an instant liking to Alexa. He wants to introduce her to a new world of pleasure. Is it love or just a fling. A few minutes and read this quick read.

Three Words Promise- Book Review


I got this as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. I have read the books that came before this one. I got so excited when I go this book, but then it dawned me that it was the last book in the series. I did not want it to end. Akeelah has a half djinn army that is hell-bent on killing every human on the planet. Marielle would love nothing more to just run away with her love Faris, but her guilt is to heavy on her heart to her part in all of this. Marielle and Faris are the only ones who know how Akeelah got her army so they are the only ones that can destroy it. Will they be able to conquer their fears and save the world and destroy Akeelah and her evil plans? You will have to read this out of this world conclusion.






Marked By Hell- Book Review


I got this as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. I love the cover of this book. It has been awhile since I read a book that has angels and demons in it. I was not sure how this would compare to other books by Erin Bedford, but I love Mary’s attitude. Mary is an Angel on earth that is working as PI. She is trying to find her way back to heaven. There is a lot she must learn and one big one is that there might not be just one way for her to get back to the divine. She sees the change in her cases and knows that something has to be done when she discovers demons are involved. First book in a series. Can’t wait for more.





Sex Prescribed- Book Review


I got this book as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. I love the title of this book it just screams that something naughty is going to be inside the pages. Etta has it all. The dream job of being a nurse where she saves lives and her love that was her high school sweetheart. That all ends when she finds him cheating. She just has to escape. That is when the crash happens. Lincoln sees the crash and stops to help and discovers one driver dead and the other struggling to stay conscious. He knows that being a doctor comes first and he has to find a way to save her. So will this doctor and nurse heat things up or will it be all sterile as the operating room? you will have to just read and find out.