Chocolate Dreams

I have had many dreams in my life and one of them has always been to make my own chocolates. I have been doing research for years. On types of chocolate to the regions in the world they come from. I probably know more about chocolate then the average person. I personal like Dark Chocolate the best. It seems to bring out the favorite better. I am guessing because it is not as sweet as Milk Chocolate. I am not even going to get into the debate of White Chocolate. Cause it will just go around and around with no end. I have a little black journal that I keep my notes in. It is almost full. I just have a few pages left. It is making me wish for chocolate.

I even have a small chocolate melter. My family got it for me a couple of years ago. I have used to make chocolate covered strawberries for a couple of events my family has hosted. There is just something about making chocolates that gets my creative juices going. I am now working on getting me some truffle molds and maybe a few others with fancy designs on them. That way I can design my own chocolates. We have a few small markets here that I could try to sell them at once I get all of them recipes perfected. I have the basic ganache down. I have not tried to make white chocolate ganache yet. I can’t wait to get do more soon. I just have to get some supplies. Then I can start testing phase of this project.

I want to know what your favorite chocolate combos. Such as chocolate and chilies or mango and coconut. There are millions of combos out there. So this is just a little look in to my chocolate dreams. I am looking forward to see what else I can learn about the sweet nectar of cacao.

Sweet Days,



Sweet Treat Gifts

My sister was out of town for a few days and when she came home she brought me some sweets. The first was a couple of bottles of Green River. It is a soda from my childhood. I remember my uncles telling me I could not drink it cause it was a beer and it would turn me green. I still love it. It is hard to find outside the soda shops. My sister found it at this candy play on her trip. She brought me three bottles of it. I had one with dinner tonight. It was something I have not had in awhile. I love it. It reminds me of this diner that used to be down the street from my appointment in college. I would go there and get a green river and fries. I would spend time there doing homework or writing.

Another thing my sister brought me was chocolate covered raspberry and strawberries. Oh mind it was dark chocolate and it really brought out the flavor in the berries. It was so night. I have made them a few times myself even with white chocolate. I usually make them for special occasions for the family. So it does bring good memories to mind. I should not be trying to blog when I am this tired. But this is the only really time I have to myself when everyone is in bed. Off to bed…


Chocolat…..Movie Review

This is just a feel good movie and it just brings me some comfort. IT is about a woman and her daughter who comes to a French village during Lent and open up a Chocolate Shop. But the Mayor has forbidden the people of the village from going there. I think it is just cool how she just seems to know what others favorites are. But she can’t seem to pick out Johnny Depp’s character’s favorite all through the movie. I like how it shows all the difference of people does not really matter. That something as simple as Chocolate can bring people together.

It makes me think of all the times that chocolate is used to bring smiles to people’s faces or used to help fix a broken heart. I have taken all the times in my life learning to make chocolates. It is something I am working one. There are things in the movie I would like to try and make. I have watched this movie several times since I saw it for the first time. I can’t give it all way. It is one of those movies you have to watch to understand. It is kind of hard to put all the feelings and emotions this movies pulls out of me.

It brings to mind all the types of ways chocolate can be consumed. There are candy, cookies, cakes, pie, fudge, hot chocolate, in savory dishes, toppings for things, and even as body paint for the freaky out there. This is making me wish there was some chocolate in the house. Thinking of it over strawberries or even peanut butter cups. Okay I am done talking for this meeting.