Chocolate Dreams

I have had many dreams in my life and one of them has always been to make my own chocolates. I have been doing research for years. On types of chocolate to the regions in the world they come from. I probably know more about chocolate then the average person. I personal like Dark Chocolate the best. It seems to bring out the favorite better. I am guessing because it is not as sweet as Milk Chocolate. I am not even going to get into the debate of White Chocolate. Cause it will just go around and around with no end. I have a little black journal that I keep my notes in. It is almost full. I just have a few pages left. It is making me wish for chocolate.

I even have a small chocolate melter. My family got it for me a couple of years ago. I have used to make chocolate covered strawberries for a couple of events my family has hosted. There is just something about making chocolates that gets my creative juices going. I am now working on getting me some truffle molds and maybe a few others with fancy designs on them. That way I can design my own chocolates. We have a few small markets here that I could try to sell them at once I get all of them recipes perfected. I have the basic ganache down. I have not tried to make white chocolate ganache yet. I can’t wait to get do more soon. I just have to get some supplies. Then I can start testing phase of this project.

I want to know what your favorite chocolate combos. Such as chocolate and chilies or mango and coconut. There are millions of combos out there. So this is just a little look in to my chocolate dreams. I am looking forward to see what else I can learn about the sweet nectar of cacao.

Sweet Days,




I have always wondered about dreams and nightmares. There is all this stuff that tells about them. There are books and websites and even things in our cultures that tells us about them. How can one know if they are just normal every day dreams or nightmares or if they are meant as a message from the Ancestors or the Celestial beings? I have been asking myself that for years. I guess that is why I started to write down the ones I could remember. I was told once that we all dream every night. But we only remember the ones that did not finish. I am not sure what that means exactly. One of the things that really have been bugging me about dreams is that I seem to know the people when I am dreaming it, but when I wake up and think it over than I have no idea who they are or how I came to know them. It is strange.  I know I think of a lot of strange things that most people would not until they have read it or heard someone else talk about it.

I have had my share of nightmares as well. Even as an adult some of then still scare the shit out of me. There are some of have woke up with that I still can’t explain. Take for example one when I was still in high school. I was fighting with this red headed girl and she pushed me away and I came away with a handful of hair. I assumed it was just a dream, but when I woke up I had a handful of hair. Where did I get the hair? All of those living in the house are brunettes? I lived in the middles of nowhere and no one I knew had red hair that did not come out of bottle. I remember my mother burned the hair in the wood stove and told me not to worry about it. Even years later I still think about it and wonder how that was possible or if there was something more to it at the time.

I have been reading about dreams and nightmares and the meaning of symbols. I often wondering how they picked those meanings. Cause if you have seen one of those books you will notice that there are several meanings for each topic and some times you can’t find what you dreamed about. Or here is something else I was told about dreams. It was that only those with psychic gifts dream in color. But I know we all remember it in color, but that is our minds filling in the blanks so that we remember it better. I wonder if any of it is true. I am sure I will come back to this again. I think I could go on for hours.

I am done for this meeting.