I used a mix of different incense to do my cleansing. The house seems brighter, but I am not feeling so well. My headaches have not gone away. I have taken something for it and doing what my doctor tells me to for them, but nothing seems to be helping. I guess it could just be this is all stressing me out. It could be all the worrying about my mother. I will just keep working on it. If not I am going to have to ask my mother and grandmother if its okay to bring in one of the Elders to do a blessing and cleansing. Maybe even some additional prayers. I have my fingers and toes crossed that it will not have to come to that. But this has been going one for a few days now and it is causing more problems than we need.

I will figure it out I hope. For those of you praying for my family I thank you. I wish I was blogging about happier things but this is real life. We all have bumps that come our way.

Until we meet again.



Bloom of the Black Rose

Born of ebon light

That only blooms in the darkest of midnight

The rarest of flowers

That will never wither

Petals like velvet


The black rose

A symbol of eternal night

That shall go on

No more fear of the end

Only of tomorrow


This gives hope to all

Who walk and stalk

The endless night

For all time

Never to look back


Walking in the twilight garden

There in the center

In all their glory

The grandest of all relics

Blackest black rose


It will bloom on

In the heart and soul

Of the children

So that we never forget

Our origins




In the dead of the night

A cloak of enchantment

Drifts over the world

Allowing the unseen to be unveiled


Come walk the eerie and bewitching pathways

That leads you through the cemetery

To say it is haunted

Is morbid, but all to true


See each grave, tomb, and mausoleum

Each headstone and engraving….RIP

Does little justice to the life contained within

For there is more than skeletons here…but what?


Secrets…what kinds of secrets?

One of grisly things

Or one of pain

Some not meant to be kept



Hear the bells in the distance

The witching hour is upon us



Do you hear their otherworldly voices?

Strange, spooky, and supernatural

Their incantations whispered around the cauldron

In the woods beyond the cemetery’s gates


Will you keep going?

Knowing out right

The full moon

Will not always illuminate your path


Will you venture on?

Even under the dark moon

Or go back to the safety

Of your home


For you will never be sure

Of what you will encounter

Ghouls or goblins

Or the Grim Reaper

One day he will come for us all

Lantern in one hand

Scythe in the other

An empty hourglass around his neck


Out of time

The only sure thing in life

Leaving us in ruin

The casket is closing….too soon





I am sitting next to the window in my living room and it is open. I can hear and smell the rain that is coming down. There is nothing like the smell of the crisp and clean scent. It is seems to wash a way a lot more then just the heat of the day. It makes me feel like something is being renewed. It is almost like music. It helps clear out my head and think more clearly. It brings out my creative side. There is something about rain that even with the lightning and thunder that is calming. Oh and all the colors that lightning comes in. I have hear there are a lot of colors. I have seen blue, silver, pinkish rose, and a green. I guess I see more of that because I live near the mountains. The breeze is blowing the coolness in to my overly hot house. Making it so much cool and comfortable.

I can  smell the lilacs outside. They are one of my favorite flower, but sadly they do not last all the long. They come in five or so colors. I have white and purples one. The smell is like heaven and with the darkness it is perfect to clear my mind. But being cloudy the moon is not out. But if it was clear it would not be raining. I like rain for it feels like it wash away my worries. I am feeling more back alignment. That is something I need to do now and again.

I am feeling better and happier already. Strange how that works something as simple a little rain to make me feel all new again. I think it was cause of the cold I had recently and now I well and feeling amazing again. Until we meet again.