Eating One’s Own Cooking?

I am not sure if I am the only one. But after awhile I get sick of eating my own cooking. It could be something I completely love but if I cooking it lose it appeal. I cook most of the meals for my family. So going around the kitchen and picking what cook each day is a challenge. There are six of us. Everyone has something they won’t eat and there are things people can’t eat. So it makes dinners a challenge each day. So coming up with something everyone eats happens but not always. Than by the time I am done I am not even hungry anymore. So I leave my family eating at the table. Sometimes later I get hungry, but most times I don’t.

Which is a bad thing for me in the first place. I have chronic low blood sugar. I have to eat four small meals a day. But some times I don’t eat when I am not hungry and I get dizzy. But I try to make it work. Don’t get me wrong I love to cook and even bake sometimes. Just I feel sick of eating what I make. My family has been noticing it more lately. My Grams said she would cook today, but I had already taken out the roast that I was going to put in the slow cooker. She said she would make the sides. She did not feel well and went to lay down and did not come back to the kitchen. So I made a cheesy pasta side dish. Plus the carrots and celery I cooked with the roast. Family liked it so I guess it all went well.

Does anyone else out there feel like this? I just would like to know. I am curious. IF you understand what I am talking about comment and tell me about it. I want to hear it from someone else.



Salt Water Taffy

Today while I was out for my day I got to see salt water taffy being made. It was one of the most cool things I have seen in a while. There were so many flavors to pick from. They were making cinnamon while I was there. But there was a lot more sweets to be found there. I was there for the taffy. I have been getting candy there and make it a habit to stop there when I am in town. Some of the flavors that I love are the key lime, salted caramel, and even a cherry cherry, but there are several more. I looked at the baskets each time I got there to see what is now. They have a cinnamon roll flavored one that I had not seen before. I always stop at the door and take a deep breath. Taking in all the smell for they even make fudge and truffles as well. It is amazing. The place is called Candy Masterpiece. It might just be a little mom and papa place but on can’t beat that it is made from scratch. There are other old fashioned candy and some new. My sister loves to go there and get gummy candy. She was not able to be with me this trip so I got her bag. Just something one does for a sibling. She is my twin and we could not be more different.

There is just something about that place that just bring out the creative side of me. I think it might be all the sugar that is just in the air. Plus the place is so friendly and inviting. That I just go there for the people as well. My sister sometimes goes there cause the carry some of the Harry Potter candies. But I can’t get over the soft and chewy taffy. It has crunchy edges but once passed that spot there is a so soft center



When I think about popcorn it is movies and game night. I love going to the movies and I go to many of them every year. They range from Comedy to Horror movies. I am not a sci-fi person. It reminds me all the movie series that I follow cause I liked them before they becomes big. Or I read the book long before it became a movie. The book is usually better. But I am getting off track. The smell of popcorn fills the air and it just brings all the good times back. It is it salty and buttery and crunchy. The bag it comes in at the movies usually leaks through the bag before the movie is over. That what you need lots of napkins for. Licking your fingers is just as good.

I like popcorn in other flavors as well. I love the white and yellow cheddar cheese. It is like eating Cheetos. It is cheese all over my fingers. I am not sure about Kettle Corn, but I do like caramel corn. I have even eaten some with spices and herbs on it. There is popcorn place that has a flavor of the month. I was watching it on a commercial today. There flavor of the month for this month is Ranch. I could not help thinking that would be gross. I like ranch on my salad and my fries. Sometimes even on the crust of my pizza. I am even wishing for popcorn as I type this. Maybe cause I am watching tv and wishing for a snack.

I wonder what other people like as a flavoring on their popcorn. I have never really looked at what all the flavors come in. I am sure there is a lot. Maybe that is something I will looks into just for my own benefit. I guess that is it for this post.