Witch’s Book

On a stand in the center o the tower

Is the best kept secret of the witch world

A book of magick that has been lost

For centuries

A lot of mysteries and knowledge

That many think is fantasy

Cause the book has never been found

Until now

It is bound in deep amethyst velvet

With a silver pentagram on the cover

There are ribbons the mark

Special secrets

Pale cream pages

With faded black ink

In several different scripts

That re just waiting to be decoded

Willing to bring the magick back

To those who will hold it sacred

Pass it on to the next generation

Never to be lost again


Dangerous Girl

Your eyes fall upon her

Her body covered in leather

Your mind is screaming

She is the kind of girl your mother warned you about

A dangerous girl….dangerous girl

She’s the type of girl

Who enjoys a little pain

Mixed in with her version of fun

To get her blood pumping

Her eyes flashing darkly

The ebon smirk on her lips

Gives a glimpse

Inside of her soul

It is wild and untamable

Holding tight to her freedom

She will never allow it to be taken

For that is one thing she will fight for

Now matter the price it will cost her

So beware

Danger is on its way

Taking all that she wants

Demanding what is hers by right

Expecting nothing less

That is just the way

She views life

Think you are man enough

To live in her world

Even for a single moment

In all that wildness

That is her way of life.

Not Even Death

It is dark music that calls

To her from beyond

The screaming of his bow on the strings

Whimpering melody of eternity

The promise of love

And its tight embrace

One that will not vanish with time

Not even death can rip or tear us apart

Souls linked by silver threads of fate

Bringing lovers together

Wrapping them in sweet darkness

The cradle of passion’s arms

It is true and magickal

The tears of relief

To have her close

Back where she belongs.

Help with Poetry Idea?

I have been writing poetry since I was 11 years old maybe earlier. But I am sure it is the same for all. Someday there is nothing to write about. So you looks around in the world that you know hoping for a glimmer of inspiration. Sometimes in the dark or the light of things you see nothing that call to you. So you turn to those around you for ideas. That is what I am doing now. Looking to those on this site and those following me for a little help. Comment and list something you think I should write about .I have some poems on here and I tend to go to the dark and gothic side. Just the side I have always embrace. So please help me out if you can. Just need one sparkle to get me back on track.

Saying thank you in advance. Thanks for reading this. Who knows maybe we will help each other and that makes us better writers in the end anyway*





In the dead of the night

A cloak of enchantment

Drifts over the world

Allowing the unseen to be unveiled


Come walk the eerie and bewitching pathways

That leads you through the cemetery

To say it is haunted

Is morbid, but all to true


See each grave, tomb, and mausoleum

Each headstone and engraving….RIP

Does little justice to the life contained within

For there is more than skeletons here…but what?


Secrets…what kinds of secrets?

One of grisly things

Or one of pain

Some not meant to be kept



Hear the bells in the distance

The witching hour is upon us



Do you hear their otherworldly voices?

Strange, spooky, and supernatural

Their incantations whispered around the cauldron

In the woods beyond the cemetery’s gates


Will you keep going?

Knowing out right

The full moon

Will not always illuminate your path


Will you venture on?

Even under the dark moon

Or go back to the safety

Of your home


For you will never be sure

Of what you will encounter

Ghouls or goblins

Or the Grim Reaper

One day he will come for us all

Lantern in one hand

Scythe in the other

An empty hourglass around his neck


Out of time

The only sure thing in life

Leaving us in ruin

The casket is closing….too soon




Poetry Review for Gothic Cinderella

I am a poet myself and I love reading other poets works. I don’t care if they are published or not. I was looking for some poetry to maybe spark some of my own creativity. That is when I came across this poem called Gothic Cinderella by a poet called demonrobber on deviantart.com. I have been looking at art, poetry and such on that site for years. But just found this gem.

This poem just spoke to me and made me turn on my I Heart Radio app on my kindle to the Nightwish radio station. That is cause the poem included Nightwish, Within Temptation and Angels and Agony in the poem. That just makes me love it more. The funeral carriage with the velvet and the all black horse brought great and vivid images to mind. It brings moonlight to the culture that it is dancing in. My favorite part of the whole thing was the left behind Combat Boot. That was just cool. The twist to the ending is just something else that just makes me go OH WOW. I am going to go back and read more when I get a chance. I just wanted to do a review for it while it was still fresh in my mind.

I had to include a small review for the art work that was with the poem. It is by an artist called La-Morte-Amoureuse. It is very nice and I love the purple. It is beyond beautiful. I love the darker side of Cindy. It makes me believe that there are still a chance for fairy tales for everyone. Even those of us that see the beauty in the darker side of the world. More work by this artist can be found on deviantart.com as well.

So I am off to find more cool and dark things to come back and tell you all about.