The Last Dragon Slayer- Book Review


I found this book free on Amazon and with a little help from Goodreads to give this book a shot. I read a lot more fantasy in my youth, but I am getting back to what I love. I have never read anything by Martyn Stanley before. The book was a quick read from what I expect from a fantasy read.

Saul is a wizard who is given a mission by Empress Jade to find and slay Noble Dragon. He takes with him a small team and goes to look for Silius Mendelson who is a known Dragon Slayer. Silius is said to be the last person to have seen the Noble Dragon. There are rights, elves, bandits, thieves, six mysteries stones and adventure all the things a good fantasy needs. It is a lighter than most fantasy I have read, but it is only the first book in the series. It is well worth the read and you need to experience for yourself. I just love some of the witty things the characters say.


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