Shameless Kiss- Book Review


I got this as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. I have read a few other books by this author. Juliet is trying to go to law school and working as a waitress at the White Rose. She needs to make money to pay her father’s doctor bills. That is how she meets Weston. He asks her out and it takes him awhile to wear her down. She said no many times before agreeing to go with him.¬† They do have a connection but a misunderstanding by Wes forces them apart. Can they over come this misunderstanding? You will have to read and find out.







Jumping in Puddles

Well we all need moments that reminds us that not all life has to boring or serious. I was sitting on the porch there are still a lot of puddles from the recent rains. Even as an adult I like to remember the good old times. My nephew were out there with my cousin Sam. I got this idea to have a little fun. I went out and started to jump up and down and splash in the puddles. I could remember all the times that I did so in that dirt and gravel driveway. So….

After a bit of time I got my little nephew down there jumping up and down and splashing around with me. I could here the others that were her for his little party yelling that we should not be doing this, but he and I were having so much fun. We did this for about twenty minutes or so. Then it was time for dinner so I had to dry him off and get him back in his sandals. It was a wonderful time. It made me think of the child that still lives in my heart. It still makes me smile and feel so good today.