Rough Water- Book Review


This is the seventh book in the Songbird Series. This book just made my heart hurt and I was reading some of it through tears. It is so emotional and the songs work so well for this one. This book is a lot of lack of communication. One bad turn in their lives and it all just goes to hell and this sends Justin running. He tells his new wife Sarah that he wants a divorce. It made me feel for her and just breaks my heart. I know the ending and it is time you do too.






Teeth of the Gods- Book Review


I got this on Amazon after I saw a post for the author on Facebook. I have been reading a lot more outside my comfort zone. I love fantasy and been reading it for a while but have drifted away from it and going back to it now. Tylira is a princess who has been locked away in her castle. She wants her freedom from being connected to a defeated General. To do this she must find an item that is called the Teeth of the Gods. This will gain her favor towards what she seeks. She sees to be a little bratty and selfish, but she can be strong and intelligent at times. She does seem to jump in with both feet all the time. Her journey with trying to connect with her own magical abilities was fascinating.






Rise of the Archmage- Book Review


I got this from the author for my honest opinion and review. This is the fourth book in this series. This one head me a little tied up in knots. It had a hold of my heart because for someone to be punished for their beliefs or their feelings for someone else. That is just wrong. This one centers around Saul going against the church and centuries of tradition. Saul and his comrades are now on the run and doing all they can to escape the city. Each new book shows how they work together and becoming a closer unit. Each has their own skills and talents that help them at the right moment. I love a couple of the new characters. A really good book.






Just Live- Book Review


I got this book as an ARC for an honest review. I have never read anything by this author. I got the book just a couple of hours ago. I got it on my kindle and I started to read. The book evoked a lot of emotions in me. I get angry and wanted to stop reading. I laughed and smiled for what was unfolding before me. I cried and had to physically wipe away tears. It was a great way to start my day.

Katey is in a bad relationship that has been going on for over two years. Filled with cheating, lies and pain. She will do anything to get out. When a friend suggests that she Just Live she jumps at the chance to be free. At a diner that is where she meets Jazz. He seems to just be drawn to her. So he too takes a chance. But all Katey will willing to give right now is a ride to the next location. Jazz is a bit of a talker and jazz musician. This is just the start of a whirlwind of what becomes of their lives. Will the music live on and will Katey learn to live? You will have to find out when you read. You will not be disappointed. You are going to love her hair. Just looks at the cover….wow.

Feeling Overwhelmed.

I have been doing a lot of reading and reviewing and it takes some effect to write all of those. I have started to  try to organize them so I keep track of what I have to do. But when I did I realized that I have 31 authors that I either on their Review team, ARC team or Street teams. I made the joke of telling a friend it was like a full-time job only I get paid in free books. She did not think it was fun. I know that I have said this before that I have read more books in this month than I did in all of 2016. I think the unofficial count is something like 28. I have read a couple of box sets but they were reviewed together. So my goodreads I think says something 18 or something. I am trying to stop myself from signing with more authors but just seems I have a bad book habit that I can’t break.

I have just looked at my TBR list for January and February so far and there are 31 books on the list still. There were more but I have read and reviewed some of them. I am reading 1 to 3 books a day, but I just have not had the time the last two days. Now I am going away for a couple of days and I am going to try to get some of those books of my TBR so incase something comes up I will be on schedule. I know it sounds like I am ranting a little.

Not Sure How It Happened????

I am not sure when my blog became all about books. I just know that I did not read all that much in 2016 and wanted to read more in 2017 and have been doing better. I started by joining Street Teams, ARC Teams and Review Teams. This way I would be able to read books and give my opinions. IT would force me to stick to a schedule. I have read a lot of authors that I have not before. Some I did not even hear of until recently. I am sure I will find other things to post on here. I have a blog binder I am working on. I think I have a couple of other things that I have written posts for. I will try to get some of that stuff up on here as soon as I can organize more of my thoughts.

Don’t get me wrong I love books and giving my opinion on them. It is just that is not all I want my blog to be known for. I want to give my opinions on all kind of things that are part of my life. So I am going to do more of that in the near future. Maybe I will even get around to posting some more of my work on here. I would love some comments if you would like to tell me something you would like me to post about. I am open to suggestions. Well that is all for this post.




Keep looking to the stars……

What really is an ARC?

I have been reading a lot of books and putting book reviews on here. That is something that I have not done before. But I have been getting emails from others that ask me if I want to read their books in exchange for reviews. I have been doing a lot of that. But as I understand it that an ARC stands for Advanced Reader Copy. But is it still an ARC if the author gives it to you and the book is already live on say Amazon or other book sites? In my opinion that is just a free book and not an ARC. This has been bugging me for a couple of days now. I mean now that I have actually sat down to think about it. Because if it is already out than there is nothing advanced about it. I know I might be thinking on it too much.

I should just be happy that I got the book for free. It is just that it does not make me want to hurry and read it since it is out there for all to read. I mean I will read it sooner or later since I have added to my TBR list. I actually have a notebook with the name of each author on it and the books I want to read by them listed. Than once I read it I highlight it so show that I have read it. then I have these little dot sticker that I put after the book once I have reviewed it. That is how I keep track of the books I have read and review. There are a couple hundred books in there that I still need to read, but some are from before I started to actually review books. I have only recently found out what an ARC and started to request some. Anyway I have a lot of reading to do today that I want to read. So I am going to get to that and get off my soapbox.

Keep looking to the stars…..