Beasting Beauty- Book Review


I got this as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. I have read a few other books by this author and I love her work. This is first book in an hew series. I got this as kind of twisted version of a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Isla is a princess who has two sisters and their parents are throwing a Suitor’s Balls. They want to find Princes for their daughters. The Beast only goes to the Ball because he has too. He did not think anything would come of it until he sees Isla. That one look and he knows that she has to be his. Will Isla be able to tame the beast? Want to know all the detail grab a copy and read about the Beast and Isla.






Lost- Book Review


I got this a while back and decided to read it. I have really got into anything that is fairytale related. I have always wondered what happened after the supposed HEA. Now this is one of those stories that picks up after she got with the prince.  I was amazing on how well this flowed and how the story just kind of carried me way. I know it does not followed the old story, but it was still a good read. A whole new adventure. I can’t wait to read the other two.






Stepbrother- Book Review


I got this as an ARC for my honest opinion and review. I absolutely love this author’s work. I glad each time there is a new one. There is just something about the way that she spins that tales she writes that draw you in and never let go. This is a retelling of Cinderella. I love this version. El is a hairdresser to the stars and she wants her dreams to come true. She has lost her mother to cancer. Once her father remarried and it is to a vampire woman with two kids. Her stepsister does not take to her at all, but her stepbrother in instantly taken by her. He does not tell her this of course. Their parents are married. One day Drew decided he can’t hold back what he wants. So he just goes for it. Will El get over that he is her stepbrother? What will the family this of this? Grab a copy for yourself to find out all the juicy details.






Chasing Shadows- Book Review


I got this as an ARC from the Author for my honest opinion and review. This book had me all tied up in knots. I was not sure how to deal with some of what was going on. Kat dealt with it like a champ even with all the info that was kind of pushed on her. I like the bonding that goes on in this one. I was just in a series of up and down emotion. It was great. I love all of the characters even the Reaper. Dorian and his situation with the Shadows. The mystery mirror. A lot of secrets in this book. OMG.

Chasing Princes- Book Review


This is the third book in the Underground Series. I know this is going to sound strange even as dark as the story was at time I so wanted to visit the Underground. Something just pulled me in. Even with all the troubles that Kat is having. Human mother Anti-fae. Fae Mother kind of cracked. Her love triangle is kind of a dot right now since she does not have either of them in her life right now. Her worlds are merging and she has to claim her place in it all. I really feel for Kat in this one. She is going through a lot emotionally and she still has not got a grip on her powers.

Chasing Cats- Book Review


This is book two in the Underground series. Kat has come back from the Underground changed. Gone are the Copper locks and replaced by blond hair and blue eyes. She found about part of her past. She meets Dorian the prince of the Unseelie Court. Find out that she is a Fae Princess and she is trapped between Chess and Dorian since her past and present connect them all. She finds that her magic is active when she is upset. Memories from another life. I had a lot of fun following Kat on her journey and adventure. Learning more about the Underground and the people there. I can’t wait to read the next one.

Chasing Rabbits- Book Review


I was given this in a box set by the author but have decided to review each book individually. This is the first book in the Underground series. I had never even looks at this series before now. I would say that is was a retelling, but the Classic Alice in Wonderland has nothing on the Underground. It is like the classic meets the fae courts. Most of the classic characters are there. I could have to say that my favorite character is Chess hands down. I love his look and his attitude. The Cheshire cat was always my favorite. Kat is back home living in her grandmother’s house. She is upset that a rabbit is stealing the carrots from her garden. She follows him and end up in another world known as the Underground. She meets a fun and kind of crazy cast of characters. The world changes her life forever.