Lack of Inspiration.

I have been trying to write and I have two WIPs right now and I just can’t seem to get out of chapter one on either one of them. I just need to try to find that spark that will push me forward. I have been looking and just not finding that little nugget that makes everything become clear and the whole story just kind of explodes in my mind with several littler ideas as well. I am trying but the holidays sometimes just seem to take away all of my energy. I am doing my best to get back in the flow of things, but I need something to help me relax.

I am going to the movies tonight with my sister. Maybe that will pull me out of my writing slump. I am hoping anything at this point will help me. I have binders full of notes for both WIPs. So it is not the lack of effort or information not even worldbuilding is holding me back. I am not sure what is got me blocked. Once I find that I will destroy that and move on. I will keep you updated on how they are both going one I make my break from the block.


Keep looking to the Stars……


Return of Luka


The days have been smoother since Dream got some sleep, but she has been feeling like something is pulling at that back of her mind. Calling to her in the dead of the night. The Realm of Dreams and Nightmares has not been so scary since she no longer walks that world alone. Moonbow and Starlight are always with her. Even when she is helping dreamers. It is making everything flow.

That is not so true for those that run on the Nightmare side of things. Luka has gotten into trouble for meeting up with Dream. He is at the Castle of Nightmares. This is where the Nightmare Council holds court. They have told Luka that if he does not get her to join them the he will suffer more than just Dream Law. This could mean that he could be sent to the Nothingness.

Luka is trying to reach Dream so that he can save his own ass from his own leaders. There has never been a rogue Dreamwalker.  They always belong to one side or the other. Normally they appear at the Castle of the side they belong too. But it seems that Dream did not belong to either. There is something different about her and he is going to find out what she really is.  That will be his own personal mission.

<Luka> “Abyss, we have to find a way to pull her to this location. We need to see what she sees. Only then we can find if she truly belongs in this world. Not all who have Dream Abilities are destined to be dreamwalkers.”

The raven on his shoulder looks at him and takes off into the velvety ebon skies with no sparkle to be glimpsed. This makes Luka grin as he walks toward the Common Ground of the Realms. He will have a better chance of him summoning her there or finding her is she is already in the Realm of Dreams and Nightmares.

He calls out to the Icelus better known as the God of Nightmares. To give him the power to see if Dream is anywhere in this realm so that he can talk to her. He needs to convince that she must join the side of Nightmares. It would be the best for her now. A rogue Dreamwalker is not good for either side. He just has to figure out what he need to tell her to make her choose to come with him and not join the other side.

A window into the Realm of Dreams and Nightmares opens and he sees that she is indeed in this realm. He knows where to find her and to make this very clear to her. She has to see that he is right about this but has to appear to be here choice. That is the way it works. He closes his eyes and goes to her location through his door. He appears behind her and his raven is on his shoulder.

<Luka> “Good to see you again, Dreamy. It has been awhile and you don’t make it easy to find you when you are running around this realm. I have been trying to find you and you seem to be ignoring me or not hearing me.”

<Dream> Luka, I am busy and you are not on my list of things right now. I am doing my best to not punch you and any other person who has picked or was assigned a side. I really don’t play with others. Being backed into a corner makes me want to fight. I am a fighter and I real go at what I do. The more I learn the better I become.

<Luka> “I have no doubt of that, but there are rules here like all worlds. There are not allowed to be Rogue Dreamwalkers. So you have to pick a side. Dream or Nightmare. They are not going to let this go one for much longer.”

Dream looks at him and walks off. She does not want to get angry or pissed off. She walks over to the wood’s edge. She looks into the darkness and she does not see anything. She is trying to clear her head.

<Luka> You have to make a choice. That is just the way it is. I am being nice about it. You do know that we learn from both dreams and nightmares. Dreamwalkers doesn’t dream. We travel to different realms when our bodies are at rest.

<Dream>” Luka, they never cared about me before and if I was not causing waves or what not they would not be trying any of this now. Both side can keep sending people to find me and make me pick but I am not going to do. I have been doing just fine since this started. I don’t need someone giving me orders. I am fine doing this on my own. I learn better that way. ”

Luka is not sure what her problem is and why she will not just pick a side. He turns to look at her and tell her off for making this so hard for him only to find that she is not there anymore. This makes him scream.

Dreamwalkers Cross Paths




There is a door before her as she starts to stand up. She is not sure but she can tell this is not a normal Scape. This door tells her she is a place she has not been before and there is something here that she needs to know. She knows there is something or maybe someone here that she can talk to and gets some much-needed answers. It also tells her that she is not alone in this and that is something that she needs right now. There is this overwhelming feeling that her mind has changed on this being a gift and a talent.

The door opens and an intense green light. Out of that light comes a girl with a sword. She seems to carry a lot of confidence. Her hair is golden with hints of aqua in it. She is a warrior, but a dreamwalker as well. She looks right at Dream and smiles

“I am guessing you have never come across another dreamwalker. I am Sorrena Rainn. I am an apprentice dreamwalker. I am come from the realm of the Unseelie Fae. I guess you have been looking a lot of place that she you should not be. That is why I have been sent here by the Council of Light to tell you to stop this quest that you are on.”


Dream looks at her like she is from another place. Which she is, but the looks is cause this is the first time the Council has taken any interest in her and she is not going to let someone who has never care to explain any of this to her give her orders.

“I am Dream Artemis Blake. I am a dreamwalker and dreamweaver. I am from the Realm of Earth. I have not idea what you are talking about. I know nothing of the Council of Light. I have pledged nothing to them. I did not even know there were Triad of Councils until after I met Luka and he…..”

“You met Luka. Yes, you have to stay away from him. He calls the Council of Light…the Dream Council. The Council of Dark….Nightmare Council….Wait did you say Triad of Council. How did you know about the Grand Council?”

“I asked the Goddess of Dreams to help me find answers to all my questions. When I went to sleep I woke in a new Scape and there I found a library. It is called the Dream Library. I learned a lot from it. I know there are sections I don’t have access to yet. ”

Sorrena is looking at her like she has completely lost her mind or said something that is completely impossible. Dream looks back at her with a shrug like all of it is natural for her to do anything in the Realms of Dreams.

“It has to be lies. No one has had access to the Dream Library in over thousand years. What makes you so special. I am sure you have to be mistaken. ”

Dream does not want to deal with this and forces herself to wake up in her room.  She just lays there in the dark. She has to find out more about the Councils. She needs to know if there are rules to this game now.



Few Answers. A Lot More Questions!!!


That has been a lot going on since her discovery of the Dream Library. It seems to hold every piece of information on all for the Dream Realities and Realms. Dream gets the impression that they are infinite. For each time she think she understands one she get sit flipped all around. Showing her that she still has a lot to learn about being a Dreamwalker and a Dreamweaver. In all of the reading she has been doing she had been slapped with a bit of reality of her own.

It did not take her long to know that she can read the books, parchments, scrolls and carvings any where but the Dream Library. It makes a lot of sense since only those with dream abilities would be able to reach them. That would keep them out of wrong hands. That does give her a bit of security. She is trying to balance all of this new information and going to school at the same time. It was not easy before all of this but not it is a whole new storm to deal with on top of trying to have a social life. Not that she has much of once of those anyway.

She is keeping notes in her journal but in a special shorthand one she has the means of decoding. Just so she can keep her eyes out for anything that might match in this reality. She is starting to feel that all of then are real in their own rights. What she has been writing down as soon as she wakes up is anything she can find on the Councils. There are not two of them but three. They are the Light Council, the Dark Council, and the Grand Council. It seems everyone one has to answer to someone in the end. It is said that everything has to balance out now and again. There is almost a being known as a Dream Seeker. According to what Dream can tell is they were the ones to keep the balance between Dreamscapes and Nightmarescapes. They are one that go to clean out the mix of dreams and nightmares that get caught up in the webbing of the dreamcatchers.

All of this has her thinking a lot of things over. She has been wondering of she will meet anyone else along the way. So far she has only met Luka and it was a very brief encounter. She wants to know what the magick is going on. She is not sure what will happen if she happens to enter the wrong door and it the wrong person’s mind. She knows that she can’t doubt herself She has to be confident for all the Dreamers in the worlds that she must help.


Dream’s Library


Dream has become very frustrated at how little she has found when she went to the University Library. IT has been on her mind for days.  There does not seems to be anything  helping her find out if there is more to this Dreamwalker gift. She does not want to believe Luka. He is the only other of her kind has met in all of her time doing this. So if there is him there has to be others. There is so little on these councils. She falls back on her bed and she is feeling like she is failing. There is nothing that she can do about this and it is making her feel like she is losing her mind. She knew that she needed answers but the only thing that is, is where to get them.

Dream decides that she will go to bed and pray for a little help and guidance. That is all she can do right now until she can come up with a better idea. It could take months or even years before she can make any sense of this mess. It does not take her long to fall asleep for she has been worn out for days with all the stress that she has been putting on herself. Before now it was just her helping others with their dreamscapes and their dreams for the future, but Luka made a mess of her work.

Maybe it could true and that would just makes this whole thing more complex. She is working herself up and before long she just passes out. She was hoping for answers, but what she got when she woke in front of a large oak door with iron scroll work on it. She looks at it and not sure if she should go in or not. She looks around the room. There are not other doors. There are not even any windows. There is a large glowing crystal hanging from the ceiling.

“Where in the Realm of Dreams am I? I have never seen anything like this before. I hope it is okay for I am going out of my mind. I guess there is no other choice but to go in. ”

She walks to the door and turns the iron handle and it feels warm in her hand. When the door opens the room is flooded with light. She sees that it is a library and a massive one at that. She is just about to ask where she was when the voice speaks to her. It belongs to a woman who tells her she is in the Dream Library. That makes her laugh cause her name is Dream does that makes the library hers. She shakes that off and makes her walk further in to the room.

“I need information on anything related to or about the Dream Councils. Plus any information about Dreamwalkers and Dreamweavers. I need this to help put my mind at ease. I feel like I am going into this gift blind. Like I am all alone in this matter.  I have no one to talk to about any of the craziness.”

A few parts of the library shelves light up to show her where to look. She moves to start her research and knows that she could be in this place for years at this rate. There are a lot of books in this place.

Researching Dream Councils


Dream is armed with all this new information and she takes it to the Private Collection at the University. She needs to hit the Occult section. That is where she might find some leads. She got a pass from the Dean of Students for a little research. She finds herself a table and gets out a new spiral journal and a pen. She moves to the section on dreams and anything related to them. She pulls a couple of books and sits down for a very long day. There has to be something on them if they truly do exist. She stacks the books on the table and takes the first one and starts to go through them. She does not find anything in the first three or four hundred pages. Then here is a symbol of a moon and a sun. It is not as an Eclipse. It is said to mark the Elders of the Realms of Dreams. There are only 13 at any given time. Not two Councils but one. Maybe up of both light and dark dreamwalkers.

“I am sure what to believe. I need a way to sort the facts from the lies. There has got to be more to this story. “

Dreams looks for journals or any personal papers that can tell her anything about this hierarchy of the Dream Realms. The think is she is not sure where to look next. It is not like there is a Dream Library. She rolls her eyes cause the last time she said that it turned out there was a Dream Council. She is not sure who to turn to, to ask for help. It is not like anyone she told would believe her in the first place. Kind of a solo job when it comes to taking a walk through someone else’s dreams and even your own. She makes some notes in her journal to post on a few message boards and other online walls if there is any legends and/or mythology about the Dream Realms. So that she can see what those that came before her left behind her as knowledge to be gained.

She does not like being alone in this if there are others out there that are dealing with it as well. She will have someone maybe to answer her questions or just to tell her that she is not losing her mind in all of the realm travels. She puts the books back and leaves the place the way she find it. Deciding she is going to need food and time to come up with another plan.

Nightmarescape 1.


Dream gets out of bed and hurries off to her classes doing her best to keep her focus on this reality for now. But the Scape from last night is sticking with her. There was something wrong with that and she is not sure why this one bugs her. She has been doing this for most of her life. She will have to figure this out soon. She is walking through campus with her headphones singing along. Music is what she use to clear her head and keep her moving forward.

Even over the music she is still hearing a voice in the back of her head that tells her she has to solve this. That there is someone who needs her help, but it laughs at her and tells her that it is not going to be all this easy.

*                       *                    *

Dream comes home to her apartment and she is all but dead on her feet for she had a late study group tonight. She drops her bag by the door and kicks off her shoes off. She sighs as she moves to her room and changes for bed. She is so tired that she does not even think of what closing her eyes will bring her way.

When she wakes up in the dreamscape it is dark and there is this eerie feeling that tells her she is in a Nightmarescape. They are a lot more difficult to control than normal dreamscapes. Cause they can turn at any moment into something else. She sees the arched door before her. She is always a little worried about door cause she is never really sure where she is going to end up. By looking at the door she did notice that this was a double door. That means it belongs to someone important. She starts to walk towards the door.

“I would not do that if I were you. To pass through that door there is no coming back. I thought it was about time that you and I met. I know you have no idea who I am or what I am about to tell you. Of course there is two sides to everything. We both have to answer to someone. You to the Dream Council and me to the Nightmare Council. I am Luka by the way. “

Dream backs up a few steps as she turns to look at him. Which brings her close to the door but further away from him. She is doing her best to take him in. He is not someone she has seen before. A lot of what he is saying has her a little confused. There has never been anyone she has to answer too. Nor does she know anything about a Dream Council. It makes her think there might be more to this whole game.

“So you are one of the dark forces behind all the dark dreaming going on. We were not given this gift to hurt people or ruin dreams. It is to help and keep hope a live for all”

Luka laughs as he hears her say all of this. His dark green-gold eyes are on her. He has the eyes of a predator and that she is the prey that he wants out of his way most of all. This makes Dream just looks back at him ready to fight if it comes to that.

“I can see the uncertainty in your eyes. Some of what I am saying does not make any sense to you. I am guessing the Council for your side has not found you yet. Strange since you are one of the strongest Dreamwalkers that I have come across in a very long time. You have helped a lot of people and even messed up some of my Nightmarescapes. I am not going to let you stand in my way. So this is the only warning you are going to get. Back off Dream Baby. Or I will have no choice but to turn my powers on you. “

“What makes you think that I am scared of you. I don’t have to threaten you to get my point across. Plus I am not scared of the Dreams Realms. There is so much more possible here then in reality. “

“Just remember what I have said and you will be fine. Cross me and I will make it personal and you don’t want me coming after you. I am the best there is on this side of reality. I think I have been at this longer then you have. So go back to playing with your books Dream Baby. “

Dream so what to give this cocky prick a piece of her mind, but he walks passed her to walk through the door. She can only stare at the door as he just gave her the best lead on him. There is a legend that say each Dreamwalker has their own personal door and this one before her has to be his. She watches him leave and wonders if he knows who he is talking too. She has always claimed that she was born of this work. That is how she knows a lot of its secrets. She does not want to wake up but something tells her she better for if he wakes up and kicks her out she will not like the end result. So she forces herself away.

Once she is awake and has her journal she draws all the details of the door. She writes down all she remembers about him. Even sketching a little picture of him. She is going to have to look into this whole things with the Councils and see what else she has not been told. Which is everything since she has been doing this all alone for years. This makes her smile that she is not going through this alone like she assumed but there are more both light and dark dreamwalkers out there. It makes her wonder why it was only now that she is coming across them. Just something else she has to figure. She lays back holding the book to her chest as she thinks about all of this.