Writing Letter?

I know with the invention of email, cell phones, and texting or even video chatting the writing of letters long hand is becoming a dying art. I love getting letters in the mail. I don’t get as many as I used to. I had all kind of stationery and pens. Stickers and confetti. I would put them in the envelope and hope to bring joy to the person that I was sending it to. I can recall times when I would sit the table in the kitchen watching the field and write long long letters of what is going on in my life to a friend miles and miles off. Just so that we would not forget the moments we share. Even it is just a little note in a holiday care or even a birthday card.

I even remember I had this rose stamp that I would use to seal the letter closed. It was blue or purple. I have the labels with my address on them as well. I was writing a lot more letters about then. I got the labels as a gift from my aunt who worked at a print shop. It was one of the best gifts. She even made me stationery with dragons on it. I did not mind that ink on my hands. I don’t mind that at all. I like putting pen or pencil to the page and just letting go with all that is inside. Plus opening letters is little an adventure or treasure. One never know what is going to be inside until you open it and follow the lines down the page or better yet pages. That is if you are lucky to get one of this long long letters.  I miss it dearly. I think I will have to get back into that letter writing.


ps. Tell me if you miss this art as well?