Chocolate Dreams

I have had many dreams in my life and one of them has always been to make my own chocolates. I have been doing research for years. On types of chocolate to the regions in the world they come from. I probably know more about chocolate then the average person. I personal like Dark Chocolate the best. It seems to bring out the favorite better. I am guessing because it is not as sweet as Milk Chocolate. I am not even going to get into the debate of White Chocolate. Cause it will just go around and around with no end. I have a little black journal that I keep my notes in. It is almost full. I just have a few pages left. It is making me wish for chocolate.

I even have a small chocolate melter. My family got it for me a couple of years ago. I have used to make chocolate covered strawberries for a couple of events my family┬áhas hosted. There is just something about making chocolates that gets my creative juices going. I am now working on getting me some truffle molds and maybe a few others with fancy designs on them. That way I can design my own chocolates. We have a few small markets here that I could try to sell them at once I get all of them recipes perfected. I have the basic ganache down. I have not tried to make white chocolate ganache yet. I can’t wait to get do more soon. I just have to get some supplies. Then I can start testing phase of this project.

I want to know what your favorite chocolate combos. Such as chocolate and chilies or mango and coconut. There are millions of combos out there. So this is just a little look in to my chocolate dreams. I am looking forward to see what else I can learn about the sweet nectar of cacao.

Sweet Days,