Starlight and Moonbow



Dream has been so worried about all that has come her way. She has been fighting to stay awake. She does not want to run in to any of this from the Realm of Dreams and Nightmares. She has not slept in days and it is starting to take it toll on her. She is fighting to stay wake even in her classes. Those around her are starting to take notice and some are becoming worried that there might be more going on with her since normally she is a well put together girl. Or at least she appears to be.

Dream is sitting in an over-stuffed chair in her apartment trying to study, but after several days without sleep her focus is not what it should be. She puts the fine arts book down and walks around and gets a drink of water. Just to try to get her mind to refocus and become more awake.

<Dream>”Dream, you have to focus. You have a lot to do in the next couple of days. You can’t do it you are falling apart. You need to quit running from those assholes and live your life. You were doing well before they started appearing. Plus you have Dreamers you need to help.”

This is when she decides to get ready for bed. She is only hurting herself that means they are winning and she is not going to allow them to win. She puts her books on the tea-table. She goes to her room and changes for bed. She puts a little lime oil on her pillow cause the smell makes her relax. Once she is ready she climbs into bed with all the lights out. She is so much more tired than she thought and all but passes out.

When she comes to into the Realms of Dreams and Nightmares. She is a beautiful bedroom in a large four-post bed. The room gives the impression it is in a castle. She looks to the left and next to the bed is a large winged wolf. Dream is a little shocked. She then looks to the right and there is five-tailed kitsune. These beautiful beings that are near her make her feel really calm and happy.

<Dream>”Greetings. I am Dream. You both are very beautiful. I am sure you are about here for a reason. So lets talk.”

She opens her mind to them and she can feel them and the power they have just rolling off their fur. The first of the two to make their voice known is the winged wolf. He tells her his name is Moonbow.

<Moonbow> I am here as your Dream Companion. So that you never walk in these realms alone. I am here to be your guide and show you all the things you did not know about this place.

Dream smiles and she moves over to the edge of the bed to touch and become more familiar with him. She puts her head to his and closes her eyes. She shares this moment with him. Being that close to him makes her relax and that is something that she needs right now. She leans back and kisses him on the nose. Then turns and crawls over to the other side of the bed and looks at the kitsune.

<Starlight> I am Starlight. I am here as your Dream Guardian. My duty is to make sure you are protected in these realms. This place  we are at is your personal Dream Castle. But I must tell you that not all the doors have been unlocked.

This makes Dream giggle a little as she puts her head to the kitsune’s. She is bonding with her new friends. She feels safer and stronger just having them close to her. That is something that she needs to make. She is feeling recharged and that is something that she was not sure would be happening anytime soon, but just goes to show she does not know all about this place or herself. She gets them up on the big bed with and she does not care to explore this place yet. She just want to be here with her new furry friend.

The heat from them makes her drift back to sleep. She gets the rest that she need and wakes up hours later in her bed feeling amazing. That makes her smile and knows that she is not alone and have them to turn to if she is having doubts again.