Dreamwalkers Cross Paths




There is a door before her as she starts to stand up. She is not sure but she can tell this is not a normal Scape. This door tells her she is a place she has not been before and there is something here that she needs to know. She knows there is something or maybe someone here that she can talk to and gets some much-needed answers. It also tells her that she is not alone in this and that is something that she needs right now. There is this overwhelming feeling that her mind has changed on this being a gift and a talent.

The door opens and an intense green light. Out of that light comes a girl with a sword. She seems to carry a lot of confidence. Her hair is golden with hints of aqua in it. She is a warrior, but a dreamwalker as well. She looks right at Dream and smiles

“I am guessing you have never come across another dreamwalker. I am Sorrena Rainn. I am an apprentice dreamwalker. I am come from the realm of the Unseelie Fae. I guess you have been looking a lot of place that she you should not be. That is why I have been sent here by the Council of Light to tell you to stop this quest that you are on.”


Dream looks at her like she is from another place. Which she is, but the looks is cause this is the first time the Council has taken any interest in her and she is not going to let someone who has never care to explain any of this to her give her orders.

“I am Dream Artemis Blake. I am a dreamwalker and dreamweaver. I am from the Realm of Earth. I have not idea what you are talking about. I know nothing of the Council of Light. I have pledged nothing to them. I did not even know there were Triad of Councils until after I met Luka and he…..”

“You met Luka. Yes, you have to stay away from him. He calls the Council of Light…the Dream Council. The Council of Dark….Nightmare Council….Wait did you say Triad of Council. How did you know about the Grand Council?”

“I asked the Goddess of Dreams to help me find answers to all my questions. When I went to sleep I woke in a new Scape and there I found a library. It is called the Dream Library. I learned a lot from it. I know there are sections I don’t have access to yet. ”

Sorrena is looking at her like she has completely lost her mind or said something that is completely impossible. Dream looks back at her with a shrug like all of it is natural for her to do anything in the Realms of Dreams.

“It has to be lies. No one has had access to the Dream Library in over thousand years. What makes you so special. I am sure you have to be mistaken. ”

Dream does not want to deal with this and forces herself to wake up in her room.  She just lays there in the dark. She has to find out more about the Councils. She needs to know if there are rules to this game now.