Strange Thing About Sports’ Team Names

I am a sports fan, but this crap in the papers about teams with Native American names have to change them. There are things in society that are far more important. I am Native American or First People. I don’t see a problem with it. But there always has to be a few out that just have to change things. I saw this with the Redskins. How long before it goes to the Braves and the Blackhawks? I think it is an honor for them to use the names. I find no offense in it at all. We have a lot more things in our culture they could put into action. Such as better health care or making sure our child are fed and have a home. Getting rid of the drug abuse, murder and abuse that is going crazy among the Native Peoples.

I know there is a lot that people say about the Reservations and all the money we are said to have, but that is just not true. A lot Native Americans on and off the reservation live far below the poverty line. But I am get far of the track of this post. I am not sure if people think the names are racist or what, but it is going to be strange to think of the Redskins with another name. I am keeping my ears open to find out what will come of this. It is just going to snowball after this. It kind of makes me angry that they would even do this. But this is just my opinion. We know what opinions are like.

I would very much like to hear what others have to say about this. Does not matter what side of the point you are on. I just wonder about what others things. I feel like of bad about it. It makes me very frustrated about it. How long before native teams like the local college will have to change their names. That are the Bear Paws. It is a Tribal College. Soon it will come down to that nothing Native will be allowed to be used by Non-Natives. IT is like more our culture will just fade into nothing more than a dream. We have a hard time as it is kept what little we have left alive for the generations to come. I have to admit a lot of that was denied to me. My Grandmother saw what it did to her family and we were denied that right to learn our native tongues. I have tried but it is a slow process as an adult. Even harder cause there is little use for in non-native settings. This have me so worked up I am getting a headache, but I had to put this out there. That not all Natives are for the name changes.


Thanks for letting me voice my thoughts on this matter.