Billionaire Games Box Set- Book Review


I got this as an ARC and looks right back to my love for the billionaire books. I loved how I could just from one book to another without having to stop and get another book so it did not stop the flow of the story which I found to be a big plus.

Wow talk about to powerful and dominate personalities in this one. You have Robert Hudson. A very ruthless and alpha business man. He is in control of all parts of his life. He is not one to forgive and forget. Then there is Freya Lawrence. She is bubbly and out-going. She wants to be a journalist and become wealthy. She is all but broke right now as she tries to make her own dreams come true. When the two of them meet it is a powerful moment. The chemistry and heat that just seems to be pouring off them in waves. Try it for yourself….mmmm….yummy…..



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