I am not sure what is going on in my home but whatever is here is bothering my family. It plays with lights and messes with electronics. It messed with my mother’s laptop last night and today they messed up my Kindle. It got stuck on the screen with the word FIRE on it. The cats will not stay in my mother’s room alone. But this is new cause normally she has to chase then off her bed. Me I have not been able to sleep cause it kept feeling like someone was pulling on my foot. I am not sure about it. There has always been activity in our house, but nothing like this. My family call them “Visitors”. I think it was code when they were in public. Mom keeps blessing and cleansing the house but it just seems to not want to go away. We are not even sure what it is . I am not saying my house is haunted by this thing,. There has always been something here but nothing like this. I am praying that we will figure it out. I am getting tired. I guess I will see what happens tonight



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